A courtship prayer

For men we have 3 vocations to pray for. Many men in this age prefer to be single and mingle with as many women as possible. The sexual revolution in the 60s and 70s created a lot of this mindset of having multiple partners, and also of avoiding responsiblity if they created a child during intercourse since 1973 when abortion was made legal as a business in america to kill children in the womb. Margaret Sanger built her planned parenthood buildings in all the low income neighborhoods. The land was cheap and they were her target market, young adults who could easily be bullied and coerced to kill the children they made having intercourse before marriage, or after marriage with women that they were not married to.

Now it is 2018 november and a time to give thanks and be better than who we were in the 1970s. Men if you want to take on being a husband in the future than offer this prayer. “God, if I have intercourse before marriage then please make me flaccid (no erections of penis), and if I have a beautiful bride but decide to have a fling with another woman and have intercourse with anyone that is not my holy bride then again make me flaccid.” I call that being molded to be honest and faithful with our penis and the erections that create life, and create a bond between husband and bride, and all the children they will have from intercourse and adoption.

Bonus points if you can save your first kiss on the lips with your boyfriend or girlfriend for the wedding day mass in front of god, family, and close friends. People who will pray for your marriage to thrive even when you argue, or are challenged by life. And that way if you dont get married then you both can still offer the person that you do get married to a first kiss at the altar. If this is the first time you have heard about this, and have kissed someone on the lips before: go to confession to purify your lips and body until the wedding day and courtship with the holy spirit.

Also please explore all 3 vocations 1) blessedly single, 2) blessedly married as husband and bride and 3) as priests for the whole eucharist body, or sisters and mothers of religious orders like pauline books or ewtn, relevant radio

While you are courting you can be cheek to cheek, holding hands, kiss her forehead, massage her scalp and wash her hair, kiss her hands and feet.

Finally agree to meet a minimum of once per week for 1 to 4 hours, the same day every week for your date night. So 52 dates that celebrate and strengthen you as a couple and no matter what is going on in school, career, family, children. That day is sacred to you and your bride. So the world wil have to schedule around you, instead of letting the world dictate what you do as husband and bride. If your not married yet and she stops showing up for you on that day, or you stop inviting her well than it become clear that neither of you are making that day sacred for you as a couple and most likely should be open to dating other men, or other women.

Men you can court one woman at a time. Women be open to every man who offers to take you out to eat or do something fun together. Eventually the woman will get multiple offers of marriage that are approved by her parents or guardians. If her parents give you permission to propose than go for it and wait for her 3 possible answers 1) not right now David, because I love you 2) no David, because i love you, 3) yes David, because I love you…

7 days of preparation to compete: pray, play, providence

For any sport, and especially in the playoffs of competitive sports each team should have a full scouting report 7 days ahead of each game. Just like college exams, you should be ready 7 days ahead of your midterms or finals. If you have questions, than you still have time to meet with your professor, teaching aides, and study buddies from the class to get ready.

For baseball or softball, the team should get a full report on every hitter on the opposite team. Lets call their clutch hitter batting third is named Danjel. So we will watch video of Danjel and decide where in the strike zone the pitchers will attack the most. And whether or not we will shift the defense for Danjel. And we will do this with every hitter in the lineup, including the bench pinch hitters, and pinch runners.  I do not like shifting a defense before the pitcher throws. Instead, if we agree to shift the defense than we will shift after the pitcher releases the ball from her or his hand. So our movement could distract him to take his or her eyes away from the ball. I also do not like the hit and run strategy as an offense. It is committing half way. For me your all the way in, or all the way out.  So the runner and hitter will do a run and hit, instead of a hit and run. The runner will attempt to steal no matter what the batter does. If the batter gets a hit, than our runner could easily get to third, and possibly to homeplate since she was going full speed even before the pitcher lets go of the pitch. As soon as the pitcher lifts her foot, then the runner will take off for second base, or third base if she was on 2nd. I learned this from earl weaver baseball.

And as the 7 days are gettin close to gameday, 3 days from the game we will gather and ask based on how practice is going would anyone like to adjust our strategy, and we will talk about it as players and coaching staff to add the modifications or keep what we had at the beginning of the 7 days. But if we see videos or injury reports of our opponent having great performances at the plate, or defense, or baserunning or pitching than we will use the suggestions given to improve our preparation. Finally during the game we will go the first 3 innings as we prepared, then make adjustments if we are behind in the scoreboard. Hopefully being prepared and willing to adjust will give us the energy we need to get the win on 7 out of every 10 games. or 5 out of every 7 games. We only need 4 out of 7 to win the world series, so we will aim for 5 of 7 or 7 of 10 during the season so we can be confident. If we are losing 4 or 7, then we have to get better scouting of our opponents, study video and make our adustments. I have books from charlie lau coach for george brett and frank thomas, and ichiros art of baseball book. But any sport event the team should be ready 7 days ahead, then practice and on 3 days ahead make adjustments as needed, then play their hearts out and be laughing and exhausted at the end of the game 🙂

NFL super bowl versus blood bowl

I believe NFL and possibly NCAA football will end up losing the next generation of athletes unless they guarantee the contracts of players injured during the game. I love playing coed flag football with friends and family. I like that they are teaching defenders to use their shoulders to tackle instead of spearing with the helmet. The era of concussions, and under the table perks for NCAA football players is killing the sport. The Redskins should change their name and helmets. The Washington tidal wave sponsored by kaiser Permanente, the Washington DC willpower sponsored by American solar panels. Or the Washington DC Redhawks or redhogs sponsored by tmobile or native American casinos.

I see football becoming a fun video game, but not a lifestyle for kids under 12 years old today November 2018. Seau’s suicide is proof of how dangerous football can be to future sons or daughters that would want to be part of it.

Fighters versus Protectors

So the decline of boxing, has led to a new sport with MMA called ultimate combat. Bloodsport with van damme made that first mma tournament a film preview of what Guru Gracie of Jiu Jitsu become the first man to win a tournament that was open to any techniques and martial arts forms.  Now UFC the ultimate fighters are showing they have created a sport. I think it is unrealistic because all of the fighters wear the same compression outfits, and gloves. Roycie Gracie was wearing a full gi, that he probably wears everyday at the studio when he is teaching or exercising. In real combat you dont have time to change into skin tight clothes and find gloves to protect your hand from getting cut or bleeding.

And UFC has rules like no eye gouging, no biting of the neck, no attacks on the neck and spine from behind your opponent, no multiple attacks to the groin to protect the penis and vagina of the contenders. And then time limitations, and time to talk to coaches every round to gather endurance and tips for the next round.

Sport has rules that the umpire and the fighters must know, and if they violate that rule they could be penalized financially and suspended from participation in future events.

Combat for the military, or in neighborhoods that have gangs or evil mobs like the KKK ku klux klan, being at parties when people are high on drugs like heroin, cocaine, marijuana, heavy bing drinking of beer, or hard liquor these environments can lead to many people getting hurt especially if they also have access to guns, or other weapons.

A real martial artist understands the difference between a open hand dancer that has the ability to protect his family, friends, and neighbors in his or her physical range, or within his or her range to pray for protection for his family, friends and neighbors. Martial arts is a great way to exercise and stay fit, it is a great way to train and become friends with amazing people and to learn teamwork, confidence, trust, and faith.

After AD, anno domini when Jesus was born in a barn on christmas day we were supposed to stop fighting and enslaving people, and we were called love Father God above all, and our neighbors. Now in 2018 we have so much food that we could easily package it and give it to the homeless, and hungry or the drunkards that need a meal to sleep away their drunken body. There are many children worldwide who are lucky to get 1 meal per day, and that is a travesty. Supermarkets should create a program to share food with the hungry and homeless like a healthy body nutrition card that allows them to choose 3 to 5 healthy meals especially for children under 18 years old. And those who participate would be taught lessons from local restaraunts so they can make delicious food that is nutritious and a tradition they can pass on to their future children and neighbors, and friends.  When I see adults begging for money at different locations around la and orange county I ask what would you like to eat, and go inside pick it up and say a silent prayer after giving them food. I dont like to hand out money to every person who lives from begging. If they are begging your customers for money, then maybe offer the beggars a job to clean the restrooms, take out the trash, help clean the supermarket, help with packing food after they pay the cashiers. So they can eventually take on more and more resposibility to protect their future spouse, and children, or so they can become holy priest fathers of the Eucharist, or holy mothers of the Eucharist like mother angelika of EWTN.

God puts us where he needs us to be. Often the best friends we will ever meet in our lives: are strangers that just happened to have the same passion for an activity. So we see each other regularly and share names and contact information so that we can schedule a time and place to meet face to face. I grew up and graduated from UCLA without a cellphone. I only got to buy my first sanyo mobile phone from sprint after I could pay the bill. I still had an answering machine, and a dial up phone at the dorms, or at the family home in San Dimas. Call or Email to set a time to meet and talk and do something fun together like 45 minutes from now. Or schedule it for Teusdays every week to be together. If it is a priority for both of you than you have a great friends that put each other above all other activities that try to keep you apart. Schedule your life, time, talents, treasure and even brokenness around that 2 to 4 hours for both of you, and dont let anyone tear you apart from your partner

Will do?, or I do

Am I?, or I am

I do for I am, I am his pen and typewriter

Give me the words that lead Souls to touch heaven on earth at every Catholic Mass, Words that Strengthen the body. My two favorite words are FIAT, and Jesus

I do, for our Father, Fiat, Jesus, the sacred heart of Mama Mary, and all the angels, archangels, saints, and beloved in heaven. Prepare the people in purgatory to go to heaven when their grandchild or niece and nephews go to heaven to see grandpa and grandma again. Amen.

courtship November 2k18




When a man is interested in a woman, the best part to begin with is smile, and see if she smiles back at you. Then ask for her name and ask her questions about her. Get to know her, and see if you both have fun talking to each other. If she is a woman that you could be with as your future bride, than pray for her daily. Invite her to see you at least once a week, until the man dies. Having a regular date night that is meant for this married couple, or even before your married will prove that your both interested. No matter what is going on with the kids, the grandparents, neighbors, your career. Never give up the day that you both reserved for your blessed marriage and courtship before marriage. I suggest saving your first kiss on the lips for your wedding day mass in front of heaven and earth, the priest, your beloved family and closest friends. You can still be near to each other holding hands, hugs, ballroom dancing and touch cheek to cheek, you can kiss her hands and feet, and her forehead, or if she has an injury that requires some TLC. If you kissed someone else in the past, then go to confession and revirginize, or purify your lips and intentions. Go on group dates, or service projects, you can find people on meetup that do activities that you both like to do. Keep your eyes up and make eye contact with people around you. If you are completely mesmerized by your cellphone than you likely will miss the woman or man that you were supposed to meet that day, because you even walk while reading on your phone or tablet, or the new watches connected to your phone. Try to give her at least 3 to 7 days notice before each date night, so that she can be prepared and be excited about the date night each week. Men you must focus on one woman at a time, until you are married or she tells you she is not interested in going out with you anymore. Continue to be her brother in christ and pray for her to find the prayer partners that she needs to find her future husband, or to become a holy sister of the eucharist, or to stay blessedly single. Women, dont shut down other men who approach you in a honest and gentle direct invitation to spend time with them. Give them 15 to 60 minutes of your life. Then pray about it, and see if you want to continue spending time with him, or if you dont want to spend time with him anymore. Be openminded, sometimes if you choose to quickly your might miss the mass that was always supposed to be with you. Men pray for you and your teammate to have many anniversaries in the future. Hopefully you have the next 50 golden years to give to your future bride, your future children, and your neighbors. Pray to be saints, and same for your children and the neighbors and classmates and parents that they bring in to your life.