The Protein in Rice & Beans | LIVESTRONG.COM

Separately rice is a carbohydrate, and beans are a carbohydrate. But when eaten together the create a complex protein source. A great choice if your doctors ask you to avoid red meat animal protein.

Lack of new stories, and only a select group benefits from recycling the same scripts with a new cast and crew

people have great stories to tell, but they are afraid that if they share their script with the wrong people then they will buy it cheap and make the film without them. Hollywood is afraid of investing big money into a new story, even if it’s popular as a novel, or anime, audiobook, live theater, game, or comic book already. Putting butts in the seats is ideal to get the reaction to the film from someone who has never seen it yet. But streaming, theaters, tablets, phones all fight to have people enjoy a new story or a new song that entertains, and protects, and inspires people to serve and be a good steward that moves friends and family closer to Christ. As far as payment everyone on the filmmaking team should earn residuals. A happy and joyful team will grind out that inner strength for a great story. If only a small percent gain residuals than only a small part of the team will work hard, and they will make a mediocre to terrible film.

Alley oops and three pointers when trying to regain the lead

fans seem to love the three point shot. I find it dull. Might as well just sign 10 guys who hit threes, and two big for rebounding and guarding penetration in paint. If they brought back defensive goaltending then defenders could swat threes away and discourage the non stop 3 pointer barrage. Also they could reward teams for alley oop dunks that involved a high jumper and a great passer and make it worth three points like the shots on the perimeter.