If you know criminals are in your city

If you are aware of crime, but dont want to put your family in danger. I highly recommend turning in anonymous tips to the FBI, CIA, local Sheriffs, and homeland security. Those organizations have the training to take on dangerous people. You might think you could pull a Batman or Rambo and do it yourself. But just let the proper authorities look into it for you. So you can protect the people you love and your neighbors without having to bring in weapons and trying to stop them on your own.


Post Pivot

If you want to play in the post, you need to be able to use both hands. A skyhook, a fadeway jumper, a pumpfake and gather both feet towards the rim for layup or dunk if your able, a alley oop pass to your teammate, a kick out to shooters in the corners, behind the back bounce pass like webber, with my skyhook I use it to pass as well. I know abdul jabbar used to for scoring, but it can be an effective tool for passing to open shooters, and a spin underhanded shot off the glass underneath the arms of the shotblockers.

All of these moves take time to learn and practice, and most players dont bother anymore. They just shoot three pointers, or dunk. But over the years the game is evolving but is it the game we want to keep watching. Right now teams have to pay a tax if they go over the salary cap to keep players on their roster with the idea of keeping the players that have grown and improved with this coaching staff, instead of watching them leave for teams that have more cap room. This is good and bad, but at this point the warriors and teams like the lakers and celtics are more than willing to go over the salary cap to be a contender during the playoffs. I think they should just remove the salary cap completely. If you bought a team, you should be able to bring in anyone you want. Instead of  having the manage the salary cap, and factor in taxation if you go over a limit that is supposed to create balance and parity. If you dont have money to sign good coaches, staff, and keeping your stadium and city around it into a huge source of revenue for the neighborhood than let someone else buy your team. The salary cap is arbitrary, and clearly having one team dominate is not that fun unless your from that city. I am a clippers fan so I understand how it feels to be so close, but still not be enough in the recent lob city years with deandre, blake, jj redick, crawford and chris paul leading the squad. Instead of taxing for people paying what the market bares. Is the NBA going to be won by teams willing to invest based on their playstyle so with the warriors they invest in outside shooting. But other teams like say the old rockets and spurs invested in twin towers to win with sampson and olajuwon, or robinson and duncan. Other champions have depended on a great inside outside game like shaq and kobe, or kemp and payton, moses malone and dr j, stockton and malone. Or defense like the pistons with rodman, laimbeer, dumars or the next version with ben wallace, billups, tayshaun prince, rip hamilton as their designated scorer and letting everyone else set picks and find ways to get him good looks by setting picks for him to run around and create space from the opponent trying to guard hamilton.

To win you need great players but they have to have a style of play established by the coach and roster. And if you do the offseason and and learn that the group you have does not match your playing style than you have to change your style for the players you have or make some trades and free agent signings to fix it. Send some of them to the g league so they can get ready to play the role that they are best going to be able to play with the team.

Oh and if you want to beat the warriors you need a guard who can always go into the post against steph curry. You need to attack him on offense, and if they come to double team then somebody is wide open. And even though draymond is great at defense, hopefully you can find a mismatch that helps in getting green into foul trouble so drive it the paint and hope he fouls you on the attack at the rim. Or have a center that can post him up in the paint low post or high post near the free throw line. And then just stay close to their perimeter shooters and dont jump, try for a steal or just have your hands up. Try your best to deny them the ball, or stealing the pass that is headed towards the person you are guarding. And then although its not as fun to watch run the clock down to 9 seconds every posession if your not scoring on a fastbreak or turnover. At the end of the quarter take your shot at the 30 seconds left in the quarter. That will guarantee you the last shot of the quarter with at least 5 or 6 seconds to make a play even if they run down 23 or 24 seconds on their last play before we get the ball back.

The bachelor, the bachelorette, the harem, and courtship

The world wants men to be on tv with 20 to 30 women to choose from. The world calls this the bachelor, and I call it a harem. The women fight each other to be his teammate and future bride. They even encourage kissing, touching, and intercourse during the filming of the show.

The bachelorette is a much better way of teaching courtship. Now 20 to 30 men compete to be her teammate for adventures. And her future husband will be protected by his prayers, willingness to serve, and protect her. Never taking physical acts like intercourse until wedding vows are exchanged and promised to love for the rest of his life. Because this awe inspiring woman would be the best gift to this man. Woman, only follow the man who is a servant hearted man, a good steward of resources entrusted to him. And never choose a man that eats and drinks any pill or food to forget the mistakes and hardness of his heart. And when god sends you thirty men to compete, pray, and serve with you then you will understand how much our father in heaven loves you.

Their solution is always get out and dont come back

Maybe you have met people like this. I know I have. They are the parents who tell their kids that when they finish high school or college it is time to leave the house. Or when they themselves hit 70 years old, the kids they kicked out are now putting their parents in a senior living community. Or they are the friends at the dinner table who are staring at their cellphones and trying to talk to people they would rather be with that are not currently eating with them. Or they are the business that says your not welcome here. Go shop somewhere else. Each person in the world  is worth an infinite amount of love, so why would we be so quick to dismiss and push away people we claim to love. Whatever we do to the least of our brothers and sisters is how you reveal your love for God and neighbor. When someone is sick or doing an action we dont understand we tell them to get out rather than try to see if an action plan can be put in place to help each other as God’s family. When someone is successful at begging for money than they will continue to do so if people give them money everyday. Me personally I never give beggars money, but I do ask if they would like something to eat and I give them food and a silent prayer before I leave them. When we treat each other badly, than we will not recieve all the blessings we were meant to have when those people came into our life. Oh and by the way, I closed my facebook. I was reading a graduation speech for a high school. And the valedictorian did not have any social media accounts. People make fun of network marketing, but facebook is probably the biggest network marketing tool ever. facebook is at the top and can send targeted ads at any member of facebook. And we can send targeted ads to our friends, friends of friends or even the public, or a small private group. In any case I didnt have a mobile phone until I graduated from UCLA, because once I could pay the bill than I invested in a phone. Before that I would use my watch on campus and meet people at kerckhoff coffee house to study or fellowship together on campus at say 30 minutes from now. See you soon. Some of us are so focused on our phone that we forget to live and be open to the people right next to us on bruin walk, or at the mall, or a concert, or praise and worship at mass, in silence at the adoration chapel, at the gym, at the dance, at a bar or house party. The person you were being prepared for your whole life, might have been within arms distance but you never gave him or her a shot because you were so intensely focused on your cell phone instead of the living, breathing saintly people in the same room with you today.