RCIA becoming catholic


Becoming catholic takes time, and God will let us know when we are confirmed and following his commandment   Love God, and Love Neighbors

I have seen and listened to people who left the catholic faith and came back. I am in that category of people. I stopped going to mass for 5 years. I have seen many who experience it for the first time as adults. I believe that God wants all of his children: sons and daughters of God and Mama Mary to be with him and be his hands and feet on earth. Sometimes when I am at mass it feels like heaven touching earth. All men are brothers to jesus, and all women are sisters of jesus. If you were born before anno domini then you might belong to Eve and Adam if your 2050 years old but it is april 25th, 2018. We belong to the best birthday of all in bethlehem on december 25th when BC became AD. Jesus died for all of us, descended into hell, and rose again for us to know he loves all of his brothers and sisters. I went to RCIA when I was a younger person. But I have had some really terrible actions in my life that I want to do the RCIA program again. I hope other men and women will go to RCIA, so that we will have more saints on earth in the future.


keep it fresh on the parquet floor: its not a 5 man game, its a 15 player family

If you have two very good teams in the playoffs or the nba finals, wnba finals, march madness, olympic basketball then you must utilize all of your teammates in practice to prepare for the championship rounds. The zebras, the referees, will call less fouls and you will have to fend for yourself on the court. Those touch fouls that they call on 3 point shooters will not be given to you in the nba and wnba, and olympic games. Those touch fouls are for middlegraders, and high school athletes.

When you matchup, the one on one matchups might favor the other team. So if we sit out here and let them isolate one on one on offense, then they will torch us on our defensive half of the court.

But if we talk to each other, call out picks, box out on defense. And guide particular opponents to our best shot blockers, or our best perimeter players who can trap the ballhandler on the sideline, baseline, and half court line as a 5 person unit then we will have a chance to use our strategy to win. We dont necessarily have to have anyone play more than 30 minutes a game, or 40 minutes a game. We have 12 on the roster with 3 reserves in case of injury.  And if an opponent passes behind us to an open spot to shoot call it out, yell for help and be ready to take the player who he was guarding when we switch.  The best defense is to not even let the pass get to the players who score the best on the other team. Deny the ball, and do everything you can to guide them away from their stronger hand, and into spots on the court that they dont shoot well at. If they get to the paint, be ready to take the charge, while your teammates come from behind or the side to steal or block the ball. Be ready for impact, and do not move. Force your opponent to go straight through you or around you so you can get a possession control turnover, and hopefull free throws if your in the bonus. 72 charges a night, 144 free throws for our team. A talkative team on defense is harder to stop. On offense I hardly every say anything. I just set picks for teammates, rebound, and go for steals and assists, and if I am wide open I will take a shot or attack the rim. Everyone on the team has specific skills that can be combined on game day depending on what we need. So start every game with full effort, and pray that nobody on either team gets injured. And say a prayer afterwords to thank each other for playing and not getting injuries. Oh and sub in and out, stay fresh, if your walking on defense ask to sub out, hydrate and catch your breath. When your ready nod to your coach and stay ready for him or her to send you back out to the court. And when a foul is called do not say a word, if I see you complain demonstratively, then I will put you on the bench. Dont give them any chance of ejecting you from the game. The more you complain the more they will call fouls on you and your teammates.

Offense, if your open release the ball, if its two on one pass to the open teammate. If its three on one two friends are open, one should cut to the basket, and the other should be at the three point line or high post free throw line area to score. Treat that ball like its your baby. Only give it to people you trust on the court. Dont let anyone rip it from your arms. All 5 of you on offense are guiding it to the basket for the baby. On D, its time to take away their baby, most teams these days seem to love 40 foot shots on the perimeter. So understand it and get as close as you can and put your hands over his or her eyeballs, or stand as tall as you can with hands high when they shoot the rock. Live by the three, die by the three.

I would love to see more women hired to be head coaches, specifically lisa leslie lockwood, or cynthia cooper. Instead of recycling the same group of men who havent ever won a championship as a nba coach all the time.

And the NBA and WNBA should have the same salary cap size. If your not going to pay the wnba athletes, then you take away interest in the career as a pro player. And when you structure contracts for your team: if you want to empower your coaching staff then add this clause to every contract. Pick a number for each player lets say 3000 dollars, and that number can be negotiated before you sign it. But to empower coaches if her team has a good practice then she can give them more time on the court during games so for this 3000 dollar example. If Coach Cooper gives you 20 minutes of game time than you will earn 60000 dollars that game. If you complain to the referees, or are lazy on defense and only try hard on offense, or are not passing to teammates then she can sit you for the rest of the game. So maybe you only earn zero for that game instead of your usual game. Now they have to listen to coach during practice and games, because the coach can immediately effect how much time on the court that you earned in practice as a team. If you miss practice or  are late to practice then you will also be penalized and get less playing time.


3 options

all of our lives, we live and act to be instruments of God the Father. And at the end, we will meet God and be part of 3 locations off of earth. Some of us will go to purgatory to be cleansed, and evaluated, and when our grandchildren go to heaven than we will get to see each other again. Or if you dont have kids, then maybe when your best friend goes to heaven you will get to play with them again in heaven.

the other two places heaven and hell: Heaven is what we should aspire to be and go if we are holy and serve god, and neighbors than we will be there to pass out the plates, and cups, and play games together, to pray and worship and sing together, andn play games together. And Hell is there for everyone who lived to lead people away from heaven and purgatory and wanted to control or own other people. 2 centuries in purgatory is still way better than 1 minute in hell. Because Hell is forever, and purgatory is a place where after you have been remembered lovingly by a family, friends, and neighbors who want you to be in heaven and play with you when they leave earth to see you again.

Be a Saint

http://www.hnmparish.org/rcia.html For all men and women over the age of 1 milisecond in the womb. To become a confirmed catholic there is a series of classes available at all roman catholic churches. I believe most adults can do the program within 3 to 6 months, but if your schedule is impacted it may take a year to finish. If you do not want to go alone, just let me know. I would be more than happy to go to class with you, and we can talk about it before or after class if you have any questions. And for me it would be a refresher course in case there are any new perspectives that I did not consider before. I know that the world wants us to never talk about religion or politics. But to me, those are the first things people should talk about. So we can know what each of us believes inside of our hearts, instead of small talk about things on the surface.