a trainer’s measuring tape :), turned on to himself

Funny Facts: I have a 67.5 inch wingspan from left hand to right hand, so my body should be 5’6.25″, but I don’t think I am that tall..

too much spam and mcdonalds when I was a kid, and likely not enough fruits and vegetables….

My elbow to wrist is about 10″

right foot also 10″

right hip crest to heel is 37.75″

head to right hip crest 27.75″

ok so technically I am like 5’458″, and I guess I have been rounding up to 5’5″ 🙂

right hand tip of thumb to pinkie “hang loose hawaii” is 9″

middle finger to wrist is 7.25″

torso from shoulder to shoulder is 42″ around

this morning I weighed in at 128.4 and 15.3% body fat, I definitely need to add more lean mass, and start to lift heavier, in more of hyperphotry mode to gain size and mass..I have been doing a lot of balance, endurance, and stabilization exercises lately, so now I need to go back to mass gaining. Ideally I can get back to between 140-145 and my lowest body fat percentage in the last few months has been about 13% which would be fine with me if I can maintain 10-13% that would be great…


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