one of my clients could not do a proper squat when she started a month ago

She has not exercised regularly for a long time. She used to dance regularly, and just got busy with work, school, a business and what not. So finally she has some time to train, and I did a normal squat assessment to look for imbalances. And her squat was not strong at all. Which surprised me because her legs are strong as a dancer. Well techinally her quads were strong, but her glutes and especially her hamstrings were being overpowered by her quads, so she could not lower her glutes into an imaginary chair behind her.

So we really focused on strengthening her hamstrings, glutes, and stretching her calves. And now about a month into it, she can do a proper squat, which is outstanding. This client is one of my younger sisters. I am really happy she is progressing well. And she is very supportive of my work as a trainer. She told me she will help me do some more marketing for my business as a trainer.

She is an outstanding woman, happily engaged, and interning at lausd with the COO of the district. They are asking her to improve performance and efficiency in the lausd. That is similar to the work she did at her prior company, and now with her mba she is able to make an impact on the district.

My plan is to get her into fighting shape, or how shall we say, do what we can to present her best self on her wedding day next year. She really want to tone her upper body, and lower her body fat percentage.

I just love when my clients ask or want to be able to do something, and how their faces just light up when we are able to get them their together to their goal. It is very satisfying for me. To create a program and explain it to them, and then watching them get there.  It is a beautiful thing. Dream big, set achievable goals, and celebrate each step that gets you closer to your personal dream or championship. We may not win a nba title in our lives, but we can create or develop new talents or reach for our own athletic dreams, and be the best person we are capable of being….

never give up, and it is never to late to be fit and get into shape….

my best friend from college, fernando, stopped into los angeles from his home in seattle yesterday, and he had lost like 25 pounds…I was stoked for him, he looked like he did in college, when we were both undergrads….

it is amazing how god shapes us when we are happy and serving him in our best capacities. It is my belief that if your career, faith and health are in good order, then you will be at your best: spiritually, mentally, and physically…

Pray, believe, aggressive action—-> a powerful change in your life, for even if you fail, the journey will teach you lessons you will be able to use for a lifetime….


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