Some quick, easy, healthy ways to have breakfast

1st option: oatmeal microwaved with water for like 40 seconds, then mix in some flaxseed (to lower your cholesterol levels), as well as some milk (I prefer chocolate soymilk, or 1% regular milk) Then add your favorite fruits: sliced strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, rasberrys or mangos sliced, or bananas…

or if you dont have fruit then a little bit of honey is good for sweetness, and maybe cinammon or nutmeg

and a scoop of protein powder is great if you worked out the day before

option 2: a bowl of fruit, and toast some wheat bread with with peanut butter..lately instead a toaster I have been putting my bread on a pan after warming up olive oil on it…then just fry the bread, andafter flipping it over, and searing both sides, you get toast that tastes great and the olive oil gives the bread  nice flavor, and you wont feel a need for butter at all… and a glass of milk is good with this as well

a quick smoothie:

in a magic bullet blender, throw in a bunch of ice cubes, then add your favorite frozen fruits( l love the mango chunks from trader joes), then a scoop of protein powder, and then water for 3/4 of the jar, and then milk on top of that, and a bit of cinammon and/or nutmeg or just a couple drops of either vanilla bean, or peppermint. You would be surprised at how strong that mint drop can be, dont overdo it or it will taste like medicine…and again flaxsee is great in this as well for those cholesterol or stroke in their families..

or if your really super in a hurry

go for a wheat bread with peanut butter and bananas, and a glass of water or milk—————————and you can fry it in olive oil as well, its good

or a granola bar, or a protein bar….or a cup of trail mix

if you have time you can make wheat pancakes with real maple syrup: do not use anything with high fructose corn syrup(ala aunt jemima), stick with pure maple syrup or honey if you like sweet stuff

or make an omelet from egg whites: add cheese, mushrooms, spinach, avocado, tomatoes and some salsa

good morning

you are all setup for a great day, and a good recovery from yesterday’s workouts, as well as an increase in muscle mass


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