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some great testimonials for clients who have used the awesome cds like slim in 6, revabs, p90x, insanity….All of these programs can help create the body you are dreaming of….

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good supplements for weight loss, and also advice for my mass gainers, who want to increase their lean mass and strength

Some of you have asked me about losing weight or gaining muscle in the past. So I am just sending you this in case your looking for exercise that can be done at home. I put together some information for you for both getting leaner, or for mass gaining…

If you have any friends or family who want to change their body, please forward this message, or have them call or email me. I would be honored to talk with your friends…and help create a plan to give them a new lifestyle that will help them get the body they want

anyone who refers a client to me for one on one personal training or group classes, I can give you 15% of the first package they buy in a gift card to you, or you can have the equivalent money value towards personal training with me if you prefer that over gift cards. Also if you have a service that might be good for my clients let me know, and I can give them your website or flyers or business cards so we can both help each other build our financial blessings in our chosen professions

Bear in mind if your eating extra protein to build lean muscle, then you must also exercise, otherwise the extra food will just make you heavier instead of leaner and more muscular. It like if you keep adding clay on to your body, but if you dont heat it up, or dont place it in the right places, it could all end up sitting in your tummy above your belt, in the cheeks on your face, and in your butt 🙂

for staying lean
on beachbody take shakeology

this is a way to get the necessary vitamins for your exercises, but not increasing your daily caloric intake, which will help keep you leaner or to maintain your current size.

for building mass
on beachbody, click on nutrition, then click on performance and take
1) whey chocolate or vanilla
or 2) p90x results and recovery

on trainerprofile
dymatize regular or 12 hour protein

and both of these websites also have daily multivitamins, for adults, and also some for women and seniors, as well

if you are lifting often you may want to add
glutamine (to relieve soreness)

If your gaining mass then extra creatine is very helpful.
or creatine to retain more water(so muscles are larger, also it helps you to do a few more reps then you could do without it–> thus greater strength and muscle growth.

But creatine must be cycled 3 weeks on 1 week off, or your body will stop producing creatine on its own

if you reach your goal weight, some of the serving sizes of the protein will be 2 scoops, so just cut it to one scoop, once you gain the weight you want

if you become less active then dont take so much extra protein, it is only useful if you are exercising, because then the body will convert those extra calories into lean mass for your body…

normally when I am gaining mass, I will take protein shakes or smoothies once during breakfast,  then right after my workouts, and maybe one other time as a snack in between meals

call or email if  you have questions

beachbody has some great dvds to do workouts at home
p90x and insanity are great for building muscle or getting lean

chalean, turbojam, slim in 6 are great for getting lean

booty ballet is popular with women, it is basically yoga and dance at the same time

and finally I highly recommend a daily vitamin, when I started taking them, I slept better, didnt get sick as often, and just had better energy for work and exercise and sports in general

Sensei Ronald

Exercise Animations

seated leg press, great for lower body, legs, glutes, and hamstrings

This is one of my favorite moves to do each week…great for overall lower body strength.

Be careful to keep your toes in front of your knees, or you could damage your knees, plus you will be able to push more weight if your toes are ahead of your knees.

Have a beautiful day

Sensei Ronald Panlilio