thanksgiving is a great time to practice portion control

Most families cook a ton of food on thanksgiving, and I look forward to a great meal and being thankful for our blessings. But just because you cook all your favorite desserts and entrees for thanksgiving, doesnt mean you need to eat triple your normal daily calorie intake at dinner time. Eat a normal sized portion, and then relax and enjoy, talk and be with the family, and wait for a couple hours, and then eat some more after you digest your food.

Like I tell all my clients, when you are served a big dish eat half, and eat the rest a couple hours for your snack, or even for breakfast or lunch the next day. Nothing will be wasted and you can always finish the food in a few hours. It will keep your metabolism firing all day, and basically you are grazing all day. Like adding wood to the fire of your metabolism, instead of putting all the wood at one time and expecting it to last forever. Fire and metabolism are similar, if you feed it a little at time your wood will produce more and long lasting flame and consistent heat, instead of all being consumed in a huge fast blaze and then running out of wood for the long cold evening.

The best way to burn all your wood and use that fuel to feed any athletic movements you do and give you a lean strong body with good endurance is to graze over food the whole day. Instead of gorging every 6 hours, and not eating anything for 6 hours. Gorging turns into a tired groggy effect, and your body storing your food as fuel instead of burning it as fuel, and creating new muscle from your workouts. And you end up at the vending machine and buying high sugar items like candy bars, soda, potato chips, and craving other fatty and high sugar items cause your body is tired.

So enjoy the turkey, cranberries, pumpkin pie, loafs of wheat bread, brown rice, potatoes with a little gravy, the stuffing, fruits and veggies, squash with cinammon and whipped cream, ham, baked goods from cookies to cupcakes, and your beverages: water, eggnog, wine, beer, juice…

Make it a meal to remember without seeing a gain of 5 pounds when you wake up in the morning…Go for a walk, run, or play some basketball, or lift weights, take a yoga class, go dancing, walk the dog, go biking or swimming. Make eating a reason to move more on thanksgiving. The stores wont open till friday, so get your exercise in on thanksgiving day. If your watching football ride the stationary bike, or jump rope, do pushups and jumping jacks during the commercials.

God Bless, and thank you lord for all your wonderful blessings

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