christmas on a budget :)

I know many of my friends are unemployed or underemployed because of the economy. Some simple things you can offer when you dont have money: are thoughts, prayers, stories, poems, pictures, time, talents.

Time can be in the form of a coupon: 1) offer to cook 1 meal 2) give away 2 hours of your talents like graphic design, massage, physical therapy, songs, piano lessons, or guitar instruction, or cleaning the garage, or the backyard, or going out to buy groceries for someone, or babysitting for a couple that has a new baby.

Hopefully you get the idea…there are many valuable gifts of love that can be given wihout spending a dollar. To me the gift of quality time is more valuable than anything else. And be mindful a gift card for gasoline, or food may be much  more valuable today then say a gift card for best buy.

for fitness, you can offer to workout with a friend two or 3 times a week. Or you can walk with your spouse and the dog at the same time, to spend time together. Or you could watch the baby while a couple goes on date night or to the gym.

Or you can search for recipes that are healthy for christmas and new years eve. Be mindful of your guests and try to prepare meals that are delicious but also healthy. And offer to let the take food home with them, instead of insisting on having them finish everything on their plate.

You could give away a great book, cd, dvd, blueray, or magazine or magazine subscription. Used books are still valuable if the other person has never seen it. In face used items can be bought online and offline.

give away gifts of love, and god will return that love to you and more than you could ever ask for…