the best way to improve the team is to improve ourself

whether it is at work, with your family, or a softball or basketball team…in all of your teams if you want things to get better then work on your own weaknesses or improve your strengths…..instead of blaming failure on another teammate really look within and see what you can fix about yourself to make the teamwork better…pray and discern about it. You might need to purify your heart and thoughts, learn to forgive others of their mistakes, get faster or stronger to play with the grandkids, eat smart so you can live a long life, wear your hearing aid or glasses so you can communicate.  Iron your clothes before you go out. Share your talents, time and treasure with the people, places, and organizations that are important to you and where your experience will be the most relavent and appropriate. For where you share time, talent, and treasure is where your heart is.

We might blame each other on the team for failure. Own it, take responsiblity for the failure of the team. Then before the next game: talk to your team and come up with a plan to make your skills better so that the team can win the next time they play.

For me I have dropped about 20 pounds since last year’s team. I have been doing stabilization, endurance moves, as well power exercises and plyometrics to make me leaner, more explosive, and have taken way more jumpshots when I practice, and attacking the rim ….I need to be a threat to score so if teams double team then  I can drive and kick it to a shooter if they double me, and if they leave me alone or one on one, then I  need to be able to finish my layup or get a foul. I got a block from behind a few weekends ago, it felt good. Cause the guy was pounding us in the post, so when they posted him, I immediately came in from his blindside and swatted it from over his right shoulder…It felt amazing.


free yoga in santa monica on 20th and 21st

drop by yogaco at third street promenade at santa moinca

on the 20th and 21st. I took a class with alexandria a few weeks ago, and her level 2/3 class was outstanding. If you want to try it out, then come on down. I find their studio to be inspiring and empowering.

Highly recommended for people near santa monica…iIf you wanna carpool with me to yoga, just call or email me.


I got this article from women’s health if we needed another reason to do yoga….Well if you were not sure before…then this is a great reason for women to work on breathing, stretching, increasing lean mass, endurance, flexiblity, and oxygen capacity for the husband in their life 🙂

Do Your Yoga Then Do Your Man
Yoga makes everything better—and we mean everything

MainFinally, science is wising up to what yoginis already knew:Yoga sweetens your sex life. Recent research in The Journal of Sexual Medicinesought to determine whether yoga improves sexual function. They asked 40 women enrolled in a 12-week yoga camp to fill out the same standardized questionnaire both before and after the retreat. Post-yoga the women reported improvements in every category included—desire, arousal, lubrication,orgasm, satisfaction, and pain.

Whether you’re able to make it to a class regularly or not, you can start reaping yoga’s racy benefits by spending just a few minutes a day tuning into your breath and body.

Pick a workout and get busy.

Fix It with Yoga

You can eat brown rice and still get lean :)

I love rice, and have been eating it since I was a baby. But as an adult, and through nutrition classes I have learned that wheat and brown grains are healthier, have more fiber, and clean out your intestines. Processed white flour tends to linger in your intestines and create a bigger belly. And I eat tons of carbs, but most of my carbohydrates are fruits and vegetables. They are full of water that is great for giving energy, alertness, antioxidants and help with keeping your memory sharp.

Brown rice, pasta, tortillas, bread are all my preferred grains. Most good restaraunts allow you to order these now. If your plate comes with a side of fries and cole slaw, ask them if they can give you fruits and grilled veggies instead. I do it often…

When you cook brown rice at home, add more water than you do with white rice. Otherwise it will taste dry. Mmm that is all for now on that subject.


Treat juice like a concentrated drink. Pour 1/3 juice  and add  2/3 water. This will dilute the concentrated form of the juice. You will get more glasses out of that juice,and reduce the caloric impact on your body. So it will save you money, and keep you lean, and allow you to have your favorite orange juice, or lemonade, iced tea or whatever. I would suggest staying away from all carbonated beverages, because most of them are unhealthy, and can give you gas as well. Not the most attractive quality, to be farting often. 🙂


Try it for 3 months, and then check your waistline, you will be amazed what eating lots of veggies, nuts, and fruits can do for your mind and energy levels. And what brown/wheat grains can do for your belt size 🙂

Happy New Year, and a new body for you in 2010

For more advice call me up, and schedule a couple workouts with me 🙂

Sensei Ronald Panlilio

January 10, 2010