You can eat brown rice and still get lean :)

I love rice, and have been eating it since I was a baby. But as an adult, and through nutrition classes I have learned that wheat and brown grains are healthier, have more fiber, and clean out your intestines. Processed white flour tends to linger in your intestines and create a bigger belly. And I eat tons of carbs, but most of my carbohydrates are fruits and vegetables. They are full of water that is great for giving energy, alertness, antioxidants and help with keeping your memory sharp.

Brown rice, pasta, tortillas, bread are all my preferred grains. Most good restaraunts allow you to order these now. If your plate comes with a side of fries and cole slaw, ask them if they can give you fruits and grilled veggies instead. I do it often…

When you cook brown rice at home, add more water than you do with white rice. Otherwise it will taste dry. Mmm that is all for now on that subject.


Treat juice like a concentrated drink. Pour 1/3 juice  and add  2/3 water. This will dilute the concentrated form of the juice. You will get more glasses out of that juice,and reduce the caloric impact on your body. So it will save you money, and keep you lean, and allow you to have your favorite orange juice, or lemonade, iced tea or whatever. I would suggest staying away from all carbonated beverages, because most of them are unhealthy, and can give you gas as well. Not the most attractive quality, to be farting often. 🙂


Try it for 3 months, and then check your waistline, you will be amazed what eating lots of veggies, nuts, and fruits can do for your mind and energy levels. And what brown/wheat grains can do for your belt size 🙂

Happy New Year, and a new body for you in 2010

For more advice call me up, and schedule a couple workouts with me 🙂

Sensei Ronald Panlilio

January 10, 2010


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