I got this article from women’s health magazine..as if we needed another reason to do yoga….Well if you were not sure before…then this is a great reason for women to work on breathing, stretching, increasing lean mass, endurance, flexiblity, and oxygen capacity for the husband in their life 🙂

Do Your Yoga Then Do Your Man
Yoga makes everything better—and we mean everything

MainFinally, science is wising up to what yoginis already knew:Yoga sweetens your sex life. Recent research in The Journal of Sexual Medicinesought to determine whether yoga improves sexual function. They asked 40 women enrolled in a 12-week yoga camp to fill out the same standardized questionnaire both before and after the retreat. Post-yoga the women reported improvements in every category included—desire, arousal, lubrication,orgasm, satisfaction, and pain.

Whether you’re able to make it to a class regularly or not, you can start reaping yoga’s racy benefits by spending just a few minutes a day tuning into your breath and body.

Pick a workout and get busy.

Fix It with Yoga


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