autumn 2010

wow…still remember heading down to campus with my new bookbag, and notebooks, and school supplies and the first day back from a long summer…

the summer of 2010 has been a wild ride for me…2 weddings in my family….so a new brother and a new sister in law…Jon Plewnarz who married my sister maritess, and Tammy who married my brother Thomas Panlilio.

Lots of preparation…now it is off for me to get some work in towards my goals. I am headed to palm springs this weekend for the september 11th weekend to be at

It should be amazing, there will be baseball, softball and basketball coaches at the esmerelda hotel in palm springs and they are professionals from the ncaa, and pro leagues as well as the olympics. I am stoked and feel this is a great way to learn and network with the best coaches in the area who have worked in athletics at the highest level. And a great way to build on my skills as a trainer and athletic performance enhancement specialist through NASM.

I also just got back from the hollyshorts film festival at the director’s guild of america this summer to support the short film of director alex ferrari and my friend, actress Rachel Grant. Their movie is called “red princess blues”. And I made contacts there with other directors, and actors, and stunt coordinators for the future. My intent is to use my skills for music, storytelling and athletics to learn how to create films, and games in the future. I have more contacts in the industry now and that is encouraging. My friend, vincent, works with konami now and has worked with 2ksports in the past. And I know artists, graphic designers, actors, casting people, even some in production, and now a few directors of independent films. I even got called in from a casting agency to come meet them tomorrow after lunch time at christopher gray casting.

I believe things are really falling into place. I have a story idea I want to work on. And am slowly assembling the people I want to talk to and learn from so I can write a story and use it to uplift women, kids, and those in poverty around the globe.

My ministry work at holy name of mary, couples for christ, the padua charitable fund, gawad kalinga, prolife, the archdiocese, ucla alumni association, paa pilipino alumni association, compass young adults, theology on tap, nights of discipleship at the cathedral, catholic underground at st victor,, and other groups like, and catholics for the common good have led me to a peaceful place where I feel I really have much work to do to fundraise and help these programs succeed in building up the body of christ.

My prayers in the last 3-6 months have really set a course for me and my team, and I believe we can do wonderful work for god. I wake up each day thankful for the gift of life, and I ask god: what may I do for you today my lord?

Mama Mary, has blessed me, and helped me to center myself. And I know who I need to focus my attention towards. If I do my job of bringing my team towards christ daily, then all else will fall into place. Even when things are dire, and people are suffering or even I am troubled or sick. I know that god will lift me up to do the work he has called us to do as a team.

If we collaborate together as a group, there is nothing that can stop us from all achieving and bringing our talents towards god. I put god first, 2. my family, 3. my career and friends often the same people, 4. strangers that are friends I have not met yet, 5. my enemies that god may work on their hardened hearts, 6. myself so that we remember to put self least among my prayers and my concerns for I do not come for my glory but rather for the glory of god.

We are called to emulate the greatest hero of all. My superhero is jesus christ: the lord of lords who came to serve and not to be served…

I marvel at the religions who still do not know who the messiah is, who salvation is, and what is the meaning of life. So many bibles out there like the king james bible who don’t even have the book of wisdom or maccabbees in it. How can you be a christian without recognizing the value of tithing back to god, or knowing the value of wisdom from the kings in the line of david and solomon.

We all come from the prophetic line of Abraham and Moses, and then the anthropological line of David to St Joseph the caretaker and guardian of a child not even his own: baby Jesus born into the most holy tabernacle of all Mary the Queen of all the angels and saints. And the holy spirit given to us at Pentecost after Easter Sunday and the the crucifixion of Jesus Christ on Calvary.

Still people deny it. They speak of the new age, as if people are gods, or want to be treated as gods. And the old myths before A.D., this new age of multiple gods and people as gods is B.C. the age before Christ. And scientologists who believe that medicine is evil and not to be used, denying the gift of healing and work done by medical research as god helps us to cure the disease and strife on this planet most likely planted by the evil one, Lucifer the devil, or whatever name he goes by these days. The devil and demons are real, there is evil in this world, you have only to look around to know we are not in heaven on earth. There is a battle between good and evil: among the archangel Michael and the forces of good versus Lucifer and his devils and demons who want to take us to hell.

There are 6 billion people on this planet who have yet to understand or know the story of god, and what it means to be with god and leading their family and loved ones to Jesus Christ, God, the Holy Spirit and Mother Mary. Or the opposite and live a life that draws people away from christ and towards Pandemonium and Paradise:Lost.

Where do you want your family to be at the end of your life?
Do you want your temple of the holy spirit to be strong and towards god each day…or do you want the opposite for you and your loved ones? It is your life and your choices that will determine where you end up when you close your eyes for the last time…

Work as if everything depending on your efforts, but take peacefulness in knowing that god will provide everything you need to survive in the meantime. How many people do you want to bring to heaven with you before you die?

Read and pray with your beloved daily.
The best medicine in this world is the Eucharist: god among us in the blood and body at mass, as well as laughter, and love.
You have the ability to do all of these daily: read, pray, go to mass for eucharist, laugh, and love. Do all of these as often as possible and you will see god work miracles in your life and lead you towards gifts of the holy spirit that were always meant for you to be given as god prepares you to be a gift to this world through the prayers that created and brought you into this world.

September 8th, 2010
the anniversary of my parents wedding day…


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  1. just got back from palm springs coaches clinic. I got notes and video of hoops from Bill Bertka, and Coach Painter from Purdue, Steve Tierney from West Virginia Wesleyan, Troy Geiser from Shootaway, Coach O Brien from UCSD baseball, and from softball coaches: Pam Newton of californialite, Mayumi Murakami of Japanese National Team, Gina Vecchione of UCLA, and Amanda Freed from UCLA and the olympic team and profastpitch thunder, and I met Kelly Ford but didnt get to hear her speak because she was scheduled for monday. Also was able to listen to Dave Bollwinkel, and I heard that Jim Harrick dropped by but I left before he spoke to the group. Ron Meikle from the Atlanta Hawks put on a great event. I learned a ton and made some good contacts. I highly recommend it to anyone who is free next year for 2011 and is already a coach or wants to be a coach and do it the right way at the beginning. Two big themes I got are 10 thousand repetitions to be a master at a craft: so for 20 hours a week it would take about 10 years, and doing everything in practice as if at game speed against top competition to prepare for the team to compete under pressure or duress and still be able to be loose and do their best in crunchtime. And many of the coaches stressed movements and drills and conditioning designed to prevent injuries from happening. Especially for teams that are year round: like travel teams.

    I will post videos soon. I had a really good time listening and learning and processing everything. And the hotel was a great little spot I had never been too. Excellent gym, huge pool and well lit at night time too, and a club for the evening to dance on friday and saturday nights, as well as a brewery/pizza place nearby that had live band music. A ton of good vendors too, I grabbed a ton of catalogs and business cards to take with me. So much fun, and the classes can even translate into units at loyola marymount university as well.

    Sensei Ronald J F Panlilio

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