some new books, and thoughts for July 16th, 2011

pure manhood by jason evert

if you really loved me by jason evert

boy meets girl by joshua harris

love dare by stephen kendrick and alex kendrick

every man’s battle

theology of the body by pope john paul II

you can also get a translated version of the book by christopher west

marriable: take the desperate out of dating by hayley dimarco, and michael dimarco


write down all of your goals and dreams for your life and read it to yourself each day

or at least once a week so you can remind yourself of why all the hard work your doing is gonna pay off


if you really love god, then spend as much time in prayer as you do with your partner


heaven is when god and his bride(all of his people) live together in harmony for the rest of time, hell or pandemonium as t.s. eliot described it in paradise lost is chaos with nobody taking responsiblity for anything they do

If you allow anybody to redefine anything to fit their individual vision or understanding than nothing is true anymore and everything is up for personal interpretation.


If I can redefine two monkeys to be two apple trees, that is preposterous…and will only confuse everyone. The same will happen to society if there is no agreement on definitions of actions and laws and how they affect society. We must be very diligent to protect the sanctity of defining the world and regulating it with a legal governance that is made to help people live godly lives, instead of a government that leads to chaos, poverty, illness, a culture of death and exploitation, slavery, racism, murder, abuse and addiction, lust, greed, sloth, dishonesty.


The difference between great saints and great sinners is how they use their passion to lead people towards god, or away from god.


we are always attacked by the devil and he knows what tempattions we struggle with the most, when we are tempted ask mama mary, the saints, our family, and god to intervene on our behalf and help us to be courageous: ask god for the armor of god, and the helmet of salvation, the belt of truth, and the sword of the spirit that is the word of god and is mightier than any weapon that can ever be aimed at us.



If your waiting around wondering why you are single..go out and meet new people.

If your routine is wake up, go to work, come home, go to the fridge to get food, go to tv to watch life happen, go to bed, rinse and repeat day after day: Where in that schedule do you believe you will meet a wonderful partner? Mmmm maybe on your sofa watching tv, or inside your refrigerator, obviously nobody from work yet. Go get a hobby or go work or volunteer your talents, time and service in other places. You just might find someone with similar passion and calling in their life that you can both get to know each other and build a friendship that leads to a more fulfilling life.



Stop Blaming everybody else and god for your situation. Take responsiblity for your actions and failures. Thank god for any gifts, success, and talents he has helped you to nurture. Seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened unto you. For I know well the plans I have for you my child, not a life of woe but a future full of hope. If you put your heart and service into god, he will grant you your heart’s desire because they are his will working in your life.




If we spent as much time on strengthening our spirit and keeping our heart and thoughts, and actions pure…as we do with watching how we eat and exercise we would be in a much better place spiritually. A loving spirit brings more love into the world and into our lives.



If nobody explained it to you yet: the Eucharist is God. The bread and wine that is blessed during mass for  us is god, jesus christ, and the holy spirit. It is more than a symbol, it is god broken and blessed for all who believe.


Freedom is nothing if it is not based on love. Freedom without love is self centered and focused on a life of personal pleasure but it is empty and unfulfilling. But freedom based on love is a choice that men and women can make to give their love, life and service to each other because of love and the way jesus taught us to live and that is a life that reflects Christ’s love for all of his family: brothers and sisters of Christ.



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