sometimes injuries and burdens are a blessing and time for rest

I found the passage below to really affirm how I have felt lately. Sometimes I forget why we should be understanding of the fact that God calls us to suffer at times. As christians still alive on earth, we too have to share in the cross and suffering of the passion of Christ. Life is not always serene, but being loving and compassionate to others when they are suffering is a perfect way to show our love to each other. False friends will leave you in bad times, but if you love someone you will be there to help them in tough times. I have had some personal difficulties lately, and I am quick to learn who has my back, and who only wants to be around when I am at my best. I look into my own heart and reflect upon the times when I have supported others in tough times, and the moments when I have abandoned people in their difficulty. I learned that the people I love will always be a priority to me in good and bad times. I often pray for my friends and family to have every opportunity to reach all of their goals and dreams in this life. Lord give them safe passage on their journey and walk with them and lift them up when I cannot be there to help them or walk beside them. Also please work on the hearts of our enemies, so that you can cause a change in them and keep us safe from any evil spirits working in them.

As far as training goes, I injured my ankle in a basketball game. And then only like 2 weeks later bruised my knee really badly when I fell on some wooden stairs. I was wearing an ankle brace, and on crutches. It was a difficult to get around, and it cut into my exercise regimen. It forced me to rest and find other things to concentrate on. The reading and writing, and rest I was able to get while recuperating has been helpful to me in many ways that are still revealing themselves to me now.

————————————————— this passage below is from ——————

The mystery of the Cross will overshadow every Christian’s life. Much as we may consider the gift of peace the mark of strong faith, and be tempted to think that such peace will render us impervious to ‘the slings and arrows of fortune’, yet the following of Christ will bring us inevitably to share in some manner in his Passion. ‘If any of you wish to be my disciples’, Jesus said, ‘let them deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me’ (Matthew 16:24). Naturally, we can recoil at such a prospect. And Peter, who had confessed his faith in Jesus, nevertheless was taken aback when Jesus subsequently spoke about his future suffering in Jerusalem. But, to continue to accompany someone on their journey, and stay with them in their troubles, is the mark of love. And the sufferings that come our way in life, leading to anguish and darkness, will not be in vain if we appreciate that through those sufferings we are sharing in the Cross of the Lord. For the Cross is also the mystery of divine love, poured out to the end, for the world’s redeeming. In our own tribulations, small or great, we are mysteriously joined to that great love, and are part of it for the healing and uplifting of humanity. In the Cross is our own redemption and eternal hope, and also that of the whole world. Nothing we suffer is in vain, therefore, but is made fruitful, in the fruitfulness of Christ’s offering and eternal love.


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