some great breakfast option to get a strong start each day….

Lately I have been making french toast with egg whites and bagels…the bagels are thicker and taste better than thin sliced bread that I used to use for french toast. Try to find a whole wheat bagel. Lately I have been using cinammon/raisin bagels with my egg whites.

People with cholesterol issues should stick with egg whites only, if your cholesterol levels are normal feel free to use the whole egg with the yolks. Personally I find it easier to buy egg whites by the carton and use them for omelets, french toast, baking, or whatever else I cook at home.

Throw in some fruits on the side like a banana, orange, plums, apricots, mangos, papay: whatever you feel like that day. The more colors on your plate the more diverse your nutrients to help your body stay strong. I am sure banana/nut bagels or blueberry bagels would also be great with egg whites to make french toast.

Every morning it is important to get carbohydrates and protein to start your day. The carbs give you energy and help your brain function better for work or school. And the protein helps to build and maintain muscle mass from the exercise you did yesterday or early in the morning. Always try to get some protein in within 30 minutes of any exercise you do: no matter what time of day.
Remember whenever you eat to divide your plate into 3 parts 1/2 is carbs( fruits and veggies), 1/4th is (whole wheat grains like pasta, rice, bread), and 1/4th is protein( soy, fish, eggs, whey protein, chicken, beef, pork) and have a glass of dairy (milk, or yogurt–I prefer greek yogurt)…and try to cook in olive oil if you use oil because it is better for your body. And be sure to drink plenty of water during the day drink one ounce of water for every 2 pounds that you weigh.

So if your 100 pounds drink 50 oz of water daily, 150 pounds 75 ounces of water daily, and 200 pounds 100 oz of water per day…staying hydrated will help you keep from feeling hungry or getting cramps when you workout or sleep. Many people snack because they feel hungry, but really their body is just dehydrated because they dont drink enough water.

Some other healthy options for breakast I found with nutritional information from the stack website.

Greek Yogurt (1 eight oz. container)

* Calories: 130
* Fat: 8g
* Carbohydrate: 5g
* Protein: 11g

Eat this with wheat toast or fruit-topped cereal to round out your meal.

Peanut Butter (1 tbsp.)

* Calories: 94
* Fat: 8g
* Carbohydrate: 3g
* Protein: 4g

A tablespoon of peanut butter on toast or a bagel helps create a high-energy meal. For additional nutritional benefits, add a banana.

Whey Protein Powder (1 scoop)

* Calories: 130
* Fat: 3g
* Carbohydrate: 3g
* Protein: 23g

Throw a scoop on your fruit-topped oatmeal.

Milk with oatmeal and fruit,

or  Milk with cream of wheat and fruit are quick and easy to prepare

They do make whole wheat  cream of wheat, and I tend to use soy or almond milk. I really like chocolate soy or chocolate almond milk especially as a quick in between meal snack. It has carbs, and protein in it and it is low in  saturated fat.


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