my favorite workout and pregame music, and food to fight being anemic

Just wanted to share a great source of christian hip hop that I found on tuneinradio app, it is called yhot in orlando florida…I think it is at 88.3

definitely some good food for the ears and dancing, and for workout routines that are upbeat like high intensity cardio or team sports, and plyometrics, or quickness and agility drills, I listen to it on my headphones before playing in games for sports as well…it gets me pumped up 🙂

some tips for if people dealing with being anemic

Well some of my friends are struggling with being anemic at times. It happened to me once as well like 3 years ago. I felt really tired, and my doctor recommended finding foods that are high in iron. And one thing she mentioned is that I was donating whole blood to often, so now I normally only donate platelets, because it doesn’t deplete my iron levels like whole blood.

In any case some good ways to get iron. Don’t just buy lettuce for salad. Grab the bag that says spring mix. If you look at the nutrients you will see that these packs have more iron, because they have mixed greens. They key to nutritional balance in general is to eat a wide variety of food. If your whole plate is almost all the same color: than most of your nutrition is overbalanced to one type. Imagine if you have spinach, mushrooms, squash, a palm size filet of grilled salmon, blueberries and cherries, and some olive oil, rasberry vinagrette for your veggies, a portion of brown rice, a large cup of water…and some greek yogurt with honey, flaxseed, and frozen mangos for dessert. So many different colors, and nutrients that will give you a great meal.


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