By the way, I f…

By the way, I found a massage therapist at the grand in brea, who also grinds her teeth. And she showed me some great stretches for my neck, and places to apply pressure in through my trapezius muscles, deep into my collarbones towards the shoulder, and on my lymphnodes by my ear and jaw. She said the fluids were backed up in that area. A chiropractor helped her, and she really helped me in that one session. I plan on going back to her soon so I can repeat the relief of the tension in my jaw. This has been a struggle for me for almost a year now. I am finding I have overdeveloped some of my neck muscles and had a very limited range of motion in the other direction. So with the stretches and strengthening muscles of my neck and upper spine with my head pointing towards my chest and abdomen, I could feel a great stretch in the back of my skull down my trapezius muscles towards my spine. I often arch my head backwards to keep my chin up, even when I sit down in a chair. So I am learning that sometimes it is best to just hang my head and relax those muscles and it takes pressure out of my neck and jaw from trying to support my big knucklehead skull all the time. 🙂 I will try to post some videos on my channel soon to show you what I am talking about. I have spoken to multiple people about this, and it seems that grinding and clenching of the jaw and teeth is pretty common for a lot of people.


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