Birthday conversations today with Manuel Monge

Today a group of us went to play table tennis. It was fun, the last couple times I played I couldn’t aim at all. We did a lof of warm-ups before really playing. So I learned to just let the faster ball just bounce off my paddle. And the slower shots, or spinning shots: I had to actually push foward to make sure it would clear the net to the other side. it was fun, we even played doubles, and had to learn to take turns with our partner, so every other shot we had to slide over to give room for our partner to take the next shot. And this created much more movement to be necessary and helped me to get a good workout. I needed a lot of water, and small meal afterwards. I had some water, iced tea, mangos with shaved ice from guppies, miso soup, a passion fruit mango drink, and a plate of egg whites. Since they didnt have protein powder for the shake, I asked for the egg whites. The miso did have some soy in it though.

We started talking, and one topic came to me as we talked about different religions. I just realized that  St Joseph the guardian of Jesus: would be an excellent patron saint for any adults who are step-parents or who want to adopt and care for a child that they did not conceive with their wife or husband. St Joseph took care of Jesus with Mary, even though he was not the actual parent of Jesus. At first he did not want to: but he became the guardian of Jesus along with Mary here on Earth, and God the Father made certain to send an angel to Joseph in his sleep so he would understand the mission and purpose God had given him to be the guardian of Jesus Christ as an infant and child. And who would be a better role model for guardians of adopted children then the Joseph the guardian of our Messiah and Savior. 

We were talking about abortions and how beautiful it is to finish the pregnancy and give the child for adoption to a family that would love to have kids and care for them. Especially now in this contemporary era of time, so many couples marry later in life in their late 30s, and even 40s or 50s:and most likely they might not be able to conceive a child together through intercourse and prayer. But I know there are many of these responsible married couples who would be honored to take on a child just as Moses was adopted and raised by a family who was not his parents. There is a rhythmn and reason for everything that happens in life, and one stressful event like an unplanned pregnancy could be a special child like moses, or jesus, or I know it’s a silly example but Shaquille O’ neal was adopted and he became such a beautiful and strong human being on this planet. My friend, Steve, who I have known since high school was adopted. And we have stayed in touch since then even when we were at different colleges, and we live in different parts of the country. He asked me to be part of his wedding as one of the groomsmen. I keep him and his wife, Eileen, in my prayers and they recently had their first child born to them as well.  It is amazing what happens when we give life a chance to be loved, and pray that a family and a community of God’s people will help care for a child, even when the actual parents are unable to provide and might have aborted them instead if not given the option to let them be adopted and loved as St Joseph did with Jesus, and Sarge did with Shaq, and I am sure many of you know friends who were adopted and loved. And you dont have to leave them in a basket in a river, who have the internet and so many doctors, counselors, and church groups who can help you contact the people who can screen the possible families who will adopt children, and also provide education and support to the birth parents so they can finish the pregnancy and deliver a healthy child to those adopted parents. The movie Juno is one of my favorites because of how it all worked out, and the mom of the baby is so sassy and funny: and she knew herself and definitely wanted to find a good home for her baby.


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