A Letter to the First Lady, on her Birthday

Mrs Obama,

I hope you have a great birthday. I also hope you will pray for an end to abortion and euthanasia. Every person’s life is sacred, and we as people should never make the choice to kill a baby or a senior citizen because we feel they would be a burden to us, or not be valuable to us anymore. Your family has been given a special honor as the first minorities to become President of America. I do see some of the good work that you have done. But Pope John Paul 2 had a great quote before he died: ” A nation that kills it’s own children, is a nation without hope.” Barack’s book was called the audacity of hope, and I pray he can help this country. I have not decided who to support this year. I pushed hard for the Obama/Biden team last time. Even though I see improvements, I also see many of my friends no longer working, or losing their homes, or losing their student loans and being kicked out of their university studies because of tuition hikes.

We are called to make the most loving choices every day. But be careful not to rely on violence to answer violence, for that only perpetuates more hatred and more murders. America did not overcome slavery with violence: we marched peacefully in America. The Philippines did not have a war to remove martial law, they protested peacefully. We cannot create jobs here in America by rewarding companies for sending their jobs overseas to underpaid workers.

I know that all people are welcome to a public education, but the rules in school forbid us to talk about god and faith in those classrooms. We discriminate against god and religion, by not allowing are teachers to even talk about it or have a moment of prayer in class with young children.

Every dollar bill says “In God We Trust”, but when we stop trusting god we often lose all of the trust that god would put into us. Those who do evil and draw people away from god, tend to feel alone and isolated and unloved. Those who love god with all of their hearts: often find peace and feel loved.

We seem to be experiencing many natural disasters lately, some caused by weather and others by humans. But these are the challenges we are given and the hurdles that will define us a people, and as a country. In New Orleans people rallied to help the victims of katrina. People are trying to find new ways of working and living and surviving in this current Economic Crisis. The typhoons in Japan, Thailand that led to flooding, destruction and nuclear explosions have also been major events. Rebuilding New York and safety for anyone travelling abroad on our airplanes and boats has been a major wakeup call for our Americans.

Redefining the definition of a family, of marriage, of a child, of a race, of success, of love and happiness can bring us all closer to god or away from god and closer to chaos. We should not change definitions of the most basic things in life. If everyone decided to call every tomato a walnut, then everyone would get confused and panic. Why do people try to redefine the world: it is because they want the whole world to view the world as they do. Some people define happiness by a 8 digit bank account: but we all know that some of these high income people have committed atrocities to get that money and have committed suicide.

Being President of our Nation is a major journey full of challenges, but at the most basic level we should protect our kids, and families and help them to thrive and harness their best talents and gifts in service to each other in their neighborhoods and communities.


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