Awesome Archangel | Most Powerful Voice gospel music contest

Awesome Archangel | Most Powerful Voice gospel music contest.


There are still a few more days to vote…And everyone who votes also has a chance to win a trip to new york. And if I am chosen they will help me to create music to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. I lean more towards contemporary christian and christian rock. I also love artists that do rhythmn and praise, or love ballads. I haven’t really learned how to rap like the holy hip hoppers yet, but who knows. But maybe I will be inspired one day to put spoken scripture to a beat. For any other aspiring artists out there I found 2 great programs to help you make music “pocketband by uloops” on android tablets and phones, and jokoshore — it is an open source music editor for multiple tracks. I am just starting to play with them these days. God is good, all the time: I have been seeking ways to make music and he keeps sending me new tools 🙂

I am coming back to the heart of worship…and it’s all about you..its’s all about you Jesus.

I’ll bring you more than a song, for a song in itself is not what you have required…I’m sorry Lord for the things I’ve made it.

It’s time to pray for light to pierce the darkest day..For the Eucharist is all the love you need to get through any chains.

The King of Kings saturates your heart and his body prepares you for Heaven’s Gates.

He converts your dirty water, mind and sins with the purest food that mercifully forgives: and encourages you to wisely serve instead of longing to be served.

This is the true path that lets his light shine from within your eyes, and the glad tidings you bring.


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