Contraception and Consequences

Do you know why people use contraception? It is to avoid the consequences of two people who really love each other until death do they part.

They say it will prevent disease, but ask any doctor and they will tell you that research proves that condoms are not 100% protection from disease.

Women that use birth control pills to stop their menstrual cycles are telling their body to be different than the way it was created to be and function. Some women become sterile after using birth control pills, and I know some women have had complications that have led to death because of these pills and chemicals that violate and prevent their bodies from producing the eggs that god has put into them since birth.

Why would we put ourselves at risk for this? Normally it is because both people or at least one of the people having sex does not want to commit to the consequences of love. They just want pleasure without responsibility.

It is a selfish act: and being selfish is the opposite of love. Love is a giving act, it is a sacrificial act: it is unconditional. Love is brave and is willing to take on the consequences and benefits of commitment and covenant. When two people become one body: they are bonded by their touch (science calls it oxytocin), but more importantly they want to protect their mate. So if they love their mate then they will hope and be joyous if their love produces a child. And they will not do dangerous activities with their body that could harm their mate by bringing diseases to their spouse. And they would never ask their wife to carve a child out of her body with a scalpel, or force her to take a pill filled with poison to kill the gift of a child that god entrusted the married couple with.


looks like the battle lines are being drawn for the 2012 elections

The definition of marriage is being challenged across the country and may become a federal mandate rather than a state based issue. Some states have already put this bill to a vote in the last elections, and still our courts believe that their interpretation is more valuable and thought out than a vote by the public. Millions of votes were cast and in some states like new york it is already legal, but California’s voters to keep the definition as between one man and one woman. Our church defines it as a union between man and woman as husband and wife and a promise to the Lord and both families.

I have no issues with men who want to have a life partner that is a man, or a woman who wants her life partner to be a woman. That is their choice in life, but those relationships are not the same as a marriage between man and woman. Marriage was defined a long time ago, centuries in fact.

And the media has given so much coverage to the komen foundation and their withdrawal of support for abortion clinics like planned parenthood. So they caved and declared themselves supportive of such places again. The economics and politics of the abortion business is such  a dishonest viewpoint. Planned Parenthood gets 450 million in support from our government annually. And we complain that we are in a budget deficit, why would america do this? Well for one americans seem to love supporting the “sex sells” viewpoint of the world. It is the work of the devil for us to devalue each other to become a source of pleasure to each other in a selfish way, rather than in a blessed way that is reserved for married couples. And at 3500 abortions a day and a profit of 650 dollars per abortion for the last 39 years we have created a billion dollar industry in our poorest neighborhoods because they know they can target these communities who have less resources. This is not a woman’s issue, it is an issue about life and all people.

The constitution was never meant to protect our right to kill each other, and it is a fact that abortion is the killing of another person and some of these people are female babies and others are male babies. So clearly it affects all people.

I do not believe america will ever improve its standing in the global economy until we learn to protect our families and children first. We must protect the definition of marriage and families: for without marriages we will be the last generation of people. If we value each other as sacred to each other and god: then we might finally find a way to make education a priority for all. And as we build strong educated young adults we will have new generations that have skills and learn to develop their talents and will never have to worry about jobs, and their talents will create opportunities for themselves and others.

We do not need to send out troops all over the world, or to build homes on the moon. We need to focus on america. Help and encourage companies who bring jobs and opportunities to american cities. Find ways to not make it advantageous to ship jobs out of our country. The only reason they every exported jobs was to reduce labor costs, and go around unions so in the name of profits they are able to make more american unemployed and reduced the value of workers here in our own country. Many of these jobs shipped out are being paid to do skilled work at less than employers would pay for minimum wage here in America.

If our country always makes money the number 1 priority of every company then we will always fail. The vision of the best companies in the world has been to provide great service to its clients and customers. Service is one of the best ways to show love. So by providing a service that empowers others, or services that people always come back for because they feel loved will always be a win-win for the company and for its workers, and its clients and the financial benefits will naturally be good for companies with that vision.