I am leaning towards supporting Ron Paul for the 2012 elections for President

I voted for Obama and Biden in 2008, but now I am leaning heavily towards supporting Ron Paul. Because he believes in the sanctity of life, and he has an economic policy that makes sense. Connecting the dollar to gold or silver will give the dollar a fixed value. The deficit spending economics from keynsian economics describe the dollar as not paper, and as a continuum in the debate on bloomberg on april 31st, 2012 between Ron Paul, and one of these Deficit Economists. So if money is a continuum than it has no real value, and that explains why house values can fluctuate up and down from 500k to 245k over the course of 3 months in california. Or a stock portfolio can be manipulated so quickly on wall street. Heck if a business could hire an amazing computer hacker to go in add money to our digital bank accounts than we could all be billionaires in dollars overnight. But if the resulting recognition by the world of the creating of billions of fake money would create a crisis and the dollar would lose all value in the international community and America would be destroyed Economically. Candidate Paul is the only nominee who ever presented to me a way to protect our economy by decreasing the debt and linking the dollar to gold or silver. His passion for protecting children, babies and fetus from the moment of conception also rings true for me. And he explains his faith without naming it, and that is admirable because he doesn’t assume his religious affiliation will give him votes. Obama says he is christian, Biden says he is catholic yet they both support abortion with federal money. Romney tells everyone he is mormon, and I have no idea who he is economically and politically from issue to issue. It seems he has voted on both sides of multiple issues over the years since he has been a politician for a long time. I am close to committing my political support to dr. ron paul for 2012 ‘s american election. My classmate Captain Danjel Bout, who has served in our military forces, over the years also supports Ron Paul.


are same-gender couples the same as marriage between man and woman?

When we define marriage is it just a transaction between two people who might raise kids? Who will live together, and will likely have physical relations. And they will share emotional, financial and physical support to each other. Should people be allowed to just cancel a marriage whenever they want? Moses only allowed divorce of spouse because people were hardened of heart in his era of leadership, and modern society allows for this still. My family and community has taught me that marriage is a committed vow blessed by god between man and woman publicly in front of family, friends and loved ones until death. It is a promise to love and serve each other forever so that two separate people one man and one woman who are two bodies become one body. For as one body blessed in marriage they are able to create a new life a child in the womb of the wife when her eggs are impregnated by the husband’s sperm. In this way the marriage grants us a share in the Creator’s divinity to create life in form of a Child and a family. same-sex marriage to me can be a lifelong commitment between 2 men, or 2 women, and yes they could adopt kids, and yes they can support each other in a different definition of family. But 2 men, or 2 women even connected in marital union can never become 1 body, and they can never create life in the form of a child. Female eggs cannot impregnate female eggs, and male sperm cannot impregnate male sperm from another man. Sure they can adopt, or they can get sperm donated, or eggs donated. Adoption of children is absolutely: noble and honorable and loving service to those children. Same sex couples are capable of adopting children and nurturing them. But same-sex unions to me are a legalized transaction to make their commitment public and recognized. but for me it is not the same as God’s definition of a promised covenant between man and woman in a blessed marriage. Pope JP2 taught extensively about love and family in defining Agape and Eros. Agape is love and bonding with God and with our neighbors as ourselves before marriage and for people who have chosen to never get married. Eros is the love bonding  Man and Woman into one body blessed by God through Marriage.

Worried about Governments who want to redefine the world in their image…even definitions that have been around for centuries on Earth

I was on the fence and am still looking for a president and vice president (as well as congress and senate, and supreme court) that can lead our country towards God and protecting our families and children. Today Obama (a proclaimed christian) and Biden (a proclaimed catholic) have spoken out in print and TV in total support of redefining the definition of marriage between man and woman. And for the last 4 years they have continued to fund multi-millions of dollars into planned parenthood (the countries largest provider of abortions in poverty communities, as well as contraception). They give contraception to encourage sexual intercourse before marriage, and affairs while married with other partners. Because that will certainly create more customers for abortion and they earn 650 dollars on each murdered child/fetus/baby that gets killed when aborted. Abortion is a billion dollar profit business. since 1973 do the math. 50 million + abortions just in america at 650 dollars per kill…that is is more profit than most companies that we consider successful under any economic grade  analysis on NASDAQ. I am still afraid of what Romney (a proclaimed mormon) and his wavering on bills and laws and political votes in the past. I am glad he does not want to change the definition given by god of marriage between a man and a woman when two bodies become one body and blessed by their vows before god, family, and all their friends and loved ones until death.  I do not know if it is worse to go with this current administration or to vote for Romney and whoever he chooses for VP. His choice for VP will be an important factor for me. Because if Obama dies or gets killed, Biden is next in line. If Romney dies or gets killed: that VP that is unidentified will be in charged. I hope he chooses a great teammate so I can have a reason to support a new administration. I am worried about how our government wants to throw out the dictionary and the constitution to redefine the world in their perspective, and take away our freedom of religion. I am catholic, and do not belong to any political party. I spend more time voting on bills and laws, then I do on the people in office. The people can change their minds at anytime, but the bills and laws determine how we are treated as citizens of America and this is the Country I love and am a Citizen since Birth: Roman Catholic Pilipino-American Male and I always Vote ever since I turned 18 years old. Now they want to add non-doctors to the list of people who can perform legal abortions: that is up for vote this year and it is a scary path to the old clothes hangar days. They want minors under 18 years old to be able to get abortions done without notifying their parents and guardians. They want to penalize hospitals and medical professionals: doctors and nurses who share in the beliefs of the sanctity of life. So if these medical professionals and organizations don’t offer abortion and contraceptions because they do not believe they are healthy and in the best interest of their patients under their care: than they are penalized for practicing medicine and their religion. We are supposed to have freedom of religion: this new penalty would be akin to having a real estate agency but all the agents who are jewish or muslim get  penalized for their beliefs on fasting and not allowed to work or get fired or paid less because they are fasting while doing their real estate work. So now in the medical field christians, catholics, and any medical pro who does not support contraception and abortion for their patients will get less federal funding, state funding, and might be penalized by insurance companies as well. It is religious persecution of our doctors, nurses, and all of us as patients who  will certainly get a lower standard of care in certain cities or hospitals if these laws are approved in 2012. Please contact me if you can show me a way that our 2012 elections and governance can lead us closer to God, and loving god and neighbor as we love ourselves. Instead of leading our citizens away from love, and toward the killing of our own children, bodies,and spirits. How can the economy be important, if you kill my kids and the friends of my nieces and nephews than I don’t care how much income I have. Abortion clinics put a price on our children, and a country that kills its babies/children/fetus is a country without hope. I thought China was the only government to practice population control, but America has been doing it since 1973 from legalizing abortions. And most of these clinics are in the poorest neighborhoods because they are the most vulnerable among us: planned parenthood should be renamed as planned killing of childhood.

Some ways to protect your body from aging so quickly

Everything I read shows that alcohol, smoking, illegal drugs, and lack of sleep will kill your brain cells. That means your skin suffers, your muscles and wounds do not heal the way they should. It would prevent you from gaining muscle after exercise as you would normally. So your mind, your body, and eventually your spirit will suffer as you kill off your own brain cells voluntarily by taking in large quantities of these items.

Most people drink and smoke or take drugs to relax. They often lower your inhibitors and you end up making bad decisions that you would not partake of if you were sober. I for one have never smoked or taken drugs, and I only drank alcohol when I was 17, and after ending up in a police station I gave it up completely. Now I only drink at weddings or new year’s if at all. And if I drink it is only 1 glass of wine, or a mimosa, maybe champagne or one beer.

I have seen proof of how the body deteriorates by watching my classmates people with 5 years older and 5 years younger than me and see how their body changes. Many factors could influence it, but I believe poor nutrition and lack of exercise as well as partying and overusing alcohol, smoking, tobacco, and illegal items like marijuana, or cocaine and worse items, as well as stress, lack of sleep, dehydration, and too much fast food contribute greatly towards the decay of people’s minds and physical body.

If you want to protect your body then at the very least protect your brain cells and cut out the high levels of toxins from alcohol, smoking, and drugs, and not sleeping. I know so many people who sleep less than six hours and often less than 4 hours a day regularly and that is a huge factor in causing fatigue, and memory issues, as well as a body that just starts to break down without proper rest. Minimal sleep also reduces your cognitive function and I can attest to that by doing all-nighters before a college exam, to wake up early and open my exam final blue book to write and drawing almost a complete blank on all the hours of studying and cramming I did the night prior. Now that was a sobering moment for me, when I realized that pulling all-nighters are a major mistake in trying to prepare for an exam when your mind needs to be rested and calm to perform under the pressure and scrutiny of a midterm, a final or a presentation in front of your management team and client base at work. When they describe the “walking dead zombies” in the movies : you don’t want to be that zombie when your team and your family and friends need you to be at your best.