Some ways to protect your body from aging so quickly

Everything I read shows that alcohol, smoking, illegal drugs, and lack of sleep will kill your brain cells. That means your skin suffers, your muscles and wounds do not heal the way they should. It would prevent you from gaining muscle after exercise as you would normally. So your mind, your body, and eventually your spirit will suffer as you kill off your own brain cells voluntarily by taking in large quantities of these items.

Most people drink and smoke or take drugs to relax. They often lower your inhibitors and you end up making bad decisions that you would not partake of if you were sober. I for one have never smoked or taken drugs, and I only drank alcohol when I was 17, and after ending up in a police station I gave it up completely. Now I only drink at weddings or new year’s if at all. And if I drink it is only 1 glass of wine, or a mimosa, maybe champagne or one beer.

I have seen proof of how the body deteriorates by watching my classmates people with 5 years older and 5 years younger than me and see how their body changes. Many factors could influence it, but I believe poor nutrition and lack of exercise as well as partying and overusing alcohol, smoking, tobacco, and illegal items like marijuana, or cocaine and worse items, as well as stress, lack of sleep, dehydration, and too much fast food contribute greatly towards the decay of people’s minds and physical body.

If you want to protect your body then at the very least protect your brain cells and cut out the high levels of toxins from alcohol, smoking, and drugs, and not sleeping. I know so many people who sleep less than six hours and often less than 4 hours a day regularly and that is a huge factor in causing fatigue, and memory issues, as well as a body that just starts to break down without proper rest. Minimal sleep also reduces your cognitive function and I can attest to that by doing all-nighters before a college exam, to wake up early and open my exam final blue book to write and drawing almost a complete blank on all the hours of studying and cramming I did the night prior. Now that was a sobering moment for me, when I realized that pulling all-nighters are a major mistake in trying to prepare for an exam when your mind needs to be rested and calm to perform under the pressure and scrutiny of a midterm, a final or a presentation in front of your management team and client base at work. When they describe the “walking dead zombies” in the movies : you don’t want to be that zombie when your team and your family and friends need you to be at your best.



  1. Here is a link to more tips on living longer and it has some great stuff on exercise methodologies in particular. And it is written in a way that anyone can understand even if your not a kinesiology major. Have a great life, and remember it is never too late to achieve your goals. If your called to fulfill a dream: then persist until you reach it, for even if you fall short the journey will be amazingly providential to your life. The sad part is many people will dream, and never do anything to help finish the mission that is calling them.

  2. Proposition 29 is going to increase taxes on cigarettes. Tobacco is knows to kill the user’s brain cells, and cause lung cancer, or mouth cancer if chewed. And the worst part is the second half exhale makes it possible to cause cancer in everyone who has to breathe the tobacco smoke that is exhaled. So if that person has kids, or if they are in a room with you they are putting you in danger. All the signage saying to vote against prop 29 is funded by the Cigarette companies. Just read the fine print on those signs at the bottom, if you do your research philip morris and other tobacco companies are telling you to not increase the price of cigarettes. I say hike the price by 5 dollars a pack and use the money to reduce tuition costs at our universities especially for students and faculty that decided to not smoke and teach kids not to smoke. I am all in favor of hiking up the taxes for tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, guns, bullets, and any other violent weapons, or carcinogens like the chemicals used to kills bugs and sprayed all over our foods grown on farms that are not using organic growing methods, and chemically dangerous cleaning fluids as well, and on automobiles and machines that produce high levels of smog and have low miles per gallon averages for their performance, and plastic water bottles and plastic store bags that are destroying and overfilling our landfills and waste areas because they take centuries to decompose. Only humans would make items that never decay, every bottle you drink will live longer than you by hundreds of years and instead of recycling you throw it in the trash and it ends up causing environmental damage to our lands and water supply. No thing and no person is supposed to live forever on earth.

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