are same-gender couples the same as marriage between man and woman?

When we define marriage is it just a transaction between two people who might raise kids? Who will live together, and will likely have physical relations. And they will share emotional, financial and physical support to each other. Should people be allowed to just cancel a marriage whenever they want? Moses only allowed divorce of spouse because people were hardened of heart in his era of leadership, and modern society allows for this still. My family and community has taught me that marriage is a committed vow blessed by god between man and woman publicly in front of family, friends and loved ones until death. It is a promise to love and serve each other forever so that two separate people one man and one woman who are two bodies become one body. For as one body blessed in marriage they are able to create a new life a child in the womb of the wife when her eggs are impregnated by the husband’s sperm. In this way the marriage grants us a share in the Creator’s divinity to create life in form of a Child and a family. same-sex marriage to me can be a lifelong commitment between 2 men, or 2 women, and yes they could adopt kids, and yes they can support each other in a different definition of family. But 2 men, or 2 women even connected in marital union can never become 1 body, and they can never create life in the form of a child. Female eggs cannot impregnate female eggs, and male sperm cannot impregnate male sperm from another man. Sure they can adopt, or they can get sperm donated, or eggs donated. Adoption of children is absolutely: noble and honorable and loving service to those children. Same sex couples are capable of adopting children and nurturing them. But same-sex unions to me are a legalized transaction to make their commitment public and recognized. but for me it is not the same as God’s definition of a promised covenant between man and woman in a blessed marriage. Pope JP2 taught extensively about love and family in defining Agape and Eros. Agape is love and bonding with God and with our neighbors as ourselves before marriage and for people who have chosen to never get married. Eros is the love bonding  Man and Woman into one body blessed by God through Marriage.


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