I am leaning towards supporting Ron Paul for the 2012 elections for President

I voted for Obama and Biden in 2008, but now I am leaning heavily towards supporting Ron Paul. Because he believes in the sanctity of life, and he has an economic policy that makes sense. Connecting the dollar to gold or silver will give the dollar a fixed value. The deficit spending economics from keynsian economics describe the dollar as not paper, and as a continuum in the debate on bloomberg on april 31st, 2012 between Ron Paul, and one of these Deficit Economists. So if money is a continuum than it has no real value, and that explains why house values can fluctuate up and down from 500k to 245k over the course of 3 months in california. Or a stock portfolio can be manipulated so quickly on wall street. Heck if a business could hire an amazing computer hacker to go in add money to our digital bank accounts than we could all be billionaires in dollars overnight. But if the resulting recognition by the world of the creating of billions of fake money would create a crisis and the dollar would lose all value in the international community and America would be destroyed Economically. Candidate Paul is the only nominee who ever presented to me a way to protect our economy by decreasing the debt and linking the dollar to gold or silver. His passion for protecting children, babies and fetus from the moment of conception also rings true for me. And he explains his faith without naming it, and that is admirable because he doesn’t assume his religious affiliation will give him votes. Obama says he is christian, Biden says he is catholic yet they both support abortion with federal money. Romney tells everyone he is mormon, and I have no idea who he is economically and politically from issue to issue. It seems he has voted on both sides of multiple issues over the years since he has been a politician for a long time. I am close to committing my political support to dr. ron paul for 2012 ‘s american election. My classmate Captain Danjel Bout, who has served in our military forces, over the years also supports Ron Paul.


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