Patience, Self-Control with Eating, Exercise, and Life

Eating disorders like bulimia are a difficult topic for many people. So many young people are forced to compare themselves with magazines and films that are edited with photoshop tools. How can any of us force these crazy body images upon each other? God taught us to love each other, and be thankful for our food. But instead we are judging each other by what we see on the outside and then being critical of each other. It is painful to hear that you are unpleasing to look at, or not a nice person to be around because of the nasty way you speak or the disrespectful way you treat other people. I do believe in learning to eat and move to maintain a level of fitness that allows us to do the work we are called to do. But I also believe in being gentle with people that are trying to be healthy. Some people do not realize how unhealthy they are until their medical doctor tells them the complications of what is happening to their body from being too large, or even too dangerously thin. I have seen both as a trainer. I have seen my clients work out so hard that I have to stop them because they are feeling dizzy, or nauseated or even vomit at times. I saw an elderly man leave the gym and collapse outside as he left. Sometimes we push ourselves so hard that our bodies can collapse or be dehydrated. And bulimia and vomiting is a similar type of thing. Many people want to eat for pleasure but they do not want to accept the consequences of these actions. So they gorge on foods because they taste good, but then they go to a place in secret to vomit this food away. Gluttony of eating or any physical pleasure often reveals itself in this way. It is painful for the person doing it, and the people in their life affected by it. Just like gluttony of alcohol, or smoking, or drugs, food, sex, money all of these things are craved by some people and it just gets overdone. Often they end up making bad decisions or committing acts or crimes against other people to have that pleasure without taking responsibility for the decision they have made. For me that is one of the major problems in modern civilization is that people do not want to take responsibility or be accountable for their action. Instead of seeking a nutritionist or a fitness trainer to learn how to eat and exercise we just go out and eat and be lazy and just blame our genetics or lack of time for our poor choices. Or we can blame stress or loneliness for wanting to go out and get drunk regularly or, or take any legal or illegal drug to escape our current situation. Some people will use those same reasons to throw away their money in strip clubs or casinos because they want to relieve their stress or loneliness. God is calling all of us to learn how to help each other and protect each other. We can use our humanity, our brokenness and our failure to protect the next generation of our family, friends and our loved ones from the mistakes we made in our lives. Let us not live in shame but seek forgiveness and be open to sharing our pain to help shield someone else in our family from having to experience the same pain we had to endure. It took centuries for us to treat each other as brothers and sisters regardless of the color of our skin. We all share in the sins and temptations of this world and how the evil one constantly pulls us away from the love of God. But we are the children of god, and we can be the instruments that heal our family tree, and consecrate our families and homes to lives that will lead us to heaven at the end of our lives. If we can see beauty in each of us, and treat each other with love than we will never have to eat just to feel good and yet feel so guilty that we would have to throw it all away. It is the same as having sex with your partner and saying we love each other, and then flushing the gift of that love down into the trashcan by aborting it. God has such a great plan for your lives, and I just hope you are patient with yourself and your body. If you are learning self control in all that you do, than you are making progress to being a person that is respectful of self and others. Patience and self-control are so important: and we must be patient with others as well for it takes all of us time to grow and nurture each other and put ourselves on the path that God has been preparing us for. I often remind my clients that those extra 20 pounds did not jump on to your body overnight, so be patient and persevere and let your body gradually get stronger in a healthy way. Resorting to surgery or crazy fasting or pills to change your body are only going to be temporary change, and likely will lead to danger for your body. We just need to learn to eat in a healthy way, and move more often and your body will improve. But the most important piece to all of this is to remember that god loves you, no matter the shape of your body. God looks inside of you and the condition of your heart and that is where all the healing and strength you ever need will come from letting God, the holy spirit, and Jesus Christ into your life.