resources for natural family planning for married couples who want to have children

I got these at mass today at American Martyrs in Manhattan Beach

office of family life
archdiocese of la
3424 wilshire blvd
la, ca 90010
213 637 7228

NFP is a way to get an understanding of the important biological  process that many women and men are unaware of. So basically it is an educational process. Michael Dixon (MD St Louis Missouri) believes Natural Family Planning has spiritual as well as medical advantages. There is nothing unnatural, no synthetic drugs put into one’s body, and no irreversible operations. Most importantly, NFP allows the married couple to function in concert with God’s will and remain open to life. NFP Emphasizes communication and committment among the couple: qualities necessary for healthy relationships. The practice fosters character strengths necessary for marital fidelity and long lasting marriage. It is an intergral part of the Church’s teachings on human sexuality, conjugal love, and parenthood.

It is extremely important to learn about NFP from an experienced teacher that is certified. You can call the arcchdiocese at 213 637 7228 to find local providers.

Or you can contact Ben and Jean Lochtenberg from american martyrs church in manhattan beach 310 374 6236

Many women who have used the pill in the past had to live with the side effects of putting these drugs into their system and interrupting their normal and natural cycles. According to Journal of Family Practice (Lowry, 2011) 57 percent  of women are unhappy with the Pill due to side effects that include depression, mood changes, nausea, decreased libido, or in rare cases blod clots and stroke.

Only 1 to 5 percent of semen is sperm. The remaining 95 percent of sperm is comprised of 50 compounds many of which are mood enhancers both anti-depressant and anti-anxiety agents, as well as chemicals that the physiological  process of bonding between the husband and wife. These chemicals include but are not limited to: cortisol(increase affection), estrone(elevates mood), prolactin (natural antidepressant), oxytocin(elevates mood and physical bonding of the married couple) , thyrotropin-releasing hormone (antidepressant), melatonin (aids sleep), serotonin (well known antidepressant)

By avoiding condoms: not only are they decreasing the woman’s risk of depression, they are increasing the likelihood that she will be more stress-resistant than women whose partners use condoms.

NFP also teaches couples  health awareness. By charting fertility signs, couples are more likely to catch developing problems early, affording prompt and  more effective medical intervention when necessary. NFP is not just open to life: it saves lives.

Hormonal contraceptives are bad for the environment. In America and Europe the presence of these chemicals in the water supply  is causing intersex disorder in fish near water treatment plants. The male fish are producing eggs, because of the increase of human reproductive hormones near rivers and lakes by water treatment facilities.

In Britain, these same chemicals are causing a 30% drop in male sperm count for British Men between 1989 and 2002 (Hall, 2004 from the British Environmental Agency) It is theorized to also be responsible for earlier and earlier onset of menarche in young women.



I pray that you grant me 30 minutes of your precious time to see if this short movie speaks to your heart.

Please grant me 30 minutes of your precious time to watch this video at :you can get this movie on dvd as well at, Abortion Clinics run by Planned Parenthood were on television last week, their national directorwas so proud of their 3 million annual patients. And she spoke of the fact that they are financially supporting a presidential candidate for the first time ever since 1973 when abortion became a legal and profitable american business. Centuries ago slavery was a profitable business model and still goes on in some countries through child labor and human trafficking of women and young boys. Will we continue the mistakes of the past in America, or will we see that the 50 million killed since 1973 cannot continue for another 39 years. It should end at the American elections in November of 2012. If we elect a president, congress, and senators that will ratify the definition of life at conception in the womb than we will finally end the murder of children for money. Let this generation of voters be the generation that protects children and families. Does it really matter what jobs you have or how much money you make every month: if our government protects businesses that have made billiions of dollars for each murdered/aborted child. Do the math (3 million patients annually multiplied by  650 dollars for each abortion). Ice Cream Flavors are a choice, everyone has a favorite choice for ice cream. My life, your life, your child’s life is not a choice: it is a sacred gift. Do you cut the precious gifts given to you on your birthday into shreds and throw it into the garbage in front of the face of the person who loves you and shared this gift with you and only you? Life is sacred, and every child who is conceived in the womb has the potential to be a saint to all of us. Please Vote, and we will all live with people who treat each day of life as sacred. Or we will find ourselves surrounded by only people who feel that life is not sacred: and can be traded for money or convenience at anytime and for any excuse.