One violent act, does not justify another violent act

The most violent act I can imagine is a nuclear bomb, and if one was dropped. It seems clear to me that another one should not be sent in response.

The media seems infatuated with rape and legitimate rape or illegitimate rape. In my view all rape is violent and should be punished by life in prison, or at least a very extended time in prison to keep our community safe from predators that rape women, men, or children.

The talk turns to abortion. Some want to say its ok to abort (murder) a child in the womb if its from incest or rape. I believe and have the same feelings as the nuclear bomb, we should not commit murder/abortion of the child and surgical damage to the mother even if its a rape or incest that created this child. I completely understand if the mother does not want to keep the child, but the child can be given or adopted by families who are longing to have a child of their own.

The death penalty has been in our legal system in many states for many years and even death does not deter violent criminals and terrorists. Death is easier to face, than a lifetime imprisonment here on earth away from society. Finishing life in prison away from family, friends and being surrounded by criminals and having to remember what you did to separate yourself from the world is a lasting torment and suffering that a criminal must endure, and should endure and I believe a stronger deterrent than the death penalty.

Our most violent criminals are already fearless, and know the violent acts they choose could easily get them killed before they even get caught by the police or the government.

My main point in this, is that the media is talking about rape and incest abortions. Instead of focusing on how valuable our children are, and how we must protect them. They distract us with talk of rape, instead of explaining how clinics like P.P. (planned parenthood) are making multi-million dollars in profit by aborting children, encouraging premarital and extramarital sexual affairs with contraception. They even want to teach sex education and the pleasure of sex to our middle graders, and even our 9 and 10 year olds who are not even in their puberty years yet. I refer to PP clinics as Planned Murderhood, because that is their marketing strategy and their profit model, and it has been effective since 1973. They build their clinics in low income neighborhoods, because like a predator in nature they want to be closest to the weaker and more vulnerable targets that it can eat with the least effort.