October Baby: just bought the dvd and watched for the first time :)

Humanity is to be beautifully flawed

We can hate the crime, but we should not hate the criminal

In Christ we are forgiven, so we are given the power to choose to forgive

We can only be free if we forgive others and do not hold on to any hatred that would consume us inside

So live your life to the full

Father, thank you for wanting me….


fitness tips for pregnant mothers….

I found 2 great articles for staying strong and fit during pregnancy. One of the most important points I read is that doctors recommend only adding an extra 300 calories to what you normally eat. Try and make those extra 300 calories be healthy food, instead of 300 calories of junk food. For the first 3months or the first trimester you child is very small, so obviously you dont require a ton of food to help it grow. Stay active and keep moving. I have attached links to both an article from a trainer that is a mother, and another link to some exercises that are safe to do while your pregnant.


this article below has links to multiple exercises that are safe while your pregnant

This last article talks about women who have been pregnant and had children and still train to compete at an olympic athletic level

Athletes Who Are Also Mothers Compete to Win | Mom Success Stories

2153 * 650= 1.4 million

2153 babies multiplied by 650 dollars each: were killed by planned parenthood to raise 1.4 million for the obama campaign in 2012.

planned parenthood has contributed 1.4 million dollars to the obama campaign.


here is the youtube vid of planned parenthood’s official endorsement of the obama campaign by their national director


I used to believe abortion and contraception were good, but I was totally wrong. I thought for incest or rape that it was justified. But murder is never justified, it might make you feel better but in the end it does not erase the incest or the rape that caused the murder later. Politicians will always be backed by different interest groups. Some big companies like cigarette companies, soda companies, alcohol, and all types or multinational companies can put forward tons of funding for politicians if they promise to protect their interests. So we must not only look at the politician but also who has given them the funding and advertising they need to win a presidential, congressional, or senate campaign. How we vote in the ballot box is important. It is also important how we vote with our shopping and investment dollars. When the truth is revealed you end up with states and hotels and restaurants that do not allow smokers to make all the guests exposed to tobacco smoke. We get a limiting of alcohol sales to only adults over 21 to protect kids from driving drunk, or having their bodies and minds weakened by alcohol since it is known to destroy brain cells. We have fast food chains like mc’donalds have to rethink their menu after super size me shows how they were one of the biggest contributors to the obesity of american families and kids with their super size meals. Abortion clinics know that they could have their federal funding removed, so for only the third time in history they are backing a presidential campaign to the tune of 1.4 million dollars or 2153 murdered babies. I know some of those abortions might have been rape, or incest, but I believe that many of those aborted babies were just kids that the parents did not want or did not plan for and decided to pay to get rid of it.

People always want to choose how they live and not have anyone interfere. But when we make irresponsible choices they are always considered crimes against the community. If I choose to drive drunk, and kill a pregnant mother’s child I would be put in prison. But if you pay a doctor to kill a pregnant woman’s child it is a 650 dollar paycheck for the doctor, and possible damage to the woman’s body from the surgery and her spirit from the loss of her child.

Obama is a very intelligent man, and I had great hope that he would help America, and represent me as a man who had parent’s that immigrated here. My parents also came to america with very little money. Just enough to be here and with the degrees they had from the philippines were able to build a life for our family. But over the last 4 years I do not feel that Barack’s policies have protected us. In fact I feel that we need a government that defines the moment of conception as life and eliminates abortion as a pay for service option to it’s citizens. Instead we should use the funding going to contraception and abortion clinics to provide for shelters, food, and education for those pregnant mothers, and especially for the children that have been getting aborted in the past. We also should use that funding to create adoption centers to care for babies and place them with loving parents.

My prayer is for the 50million kids killed since 1973 are never forgotten, and that we do not let another 50 million kids get killed in the next 40 years. Let the families who believe in love protect families and children be blessed, and let those who enjoy murdering children in the womb for money be put out of business.