Water Bottled vs Tap?

Water is one of the most important things we put in our body. Our Bodies can go without food for many days if we have water, but if we go without water for a couple days we get dehydrated our brain stops functioning well and we die.

I keep a reusable water bottle with me all the time. Ask any of my friends I am either holding it, or it is in my backpack and I am wearing it. I do not buy bottled water because I think it is a scam for people who live in America. I went to the store today and a small case was of bottled water in the plastic bottles was between 3.99 to 12.99 for the case depending on the brand. Those plastic bottles are made then used once in most cases and thrown in the garbage or recycled. But most of the millions or billions of bottles of plastic end up in the ground and can take hundreds or thousands of years to decompose.

We have tap water in our homes that we pay a water bill for. The Department of water and power’s job is to clean the water that goes in our homes. We use it to bathe, to cook food, to clean dishes, to wash our hands. But companies like dasani/crystal geiser/perrini/arrowhead/thelocal store want you to now also pay for water to drink. If the water in your tap is tainted or poisoned you would be dead in a few weeks. You wash your skin and hair with it daily, you cook your food in it, you wash your hands before you eat or work in the garden, even your laundry is done in that water. If you cant drink it, then what is the job of the Department of Water and Power. Duh – if they dont clean the water to a healthy standard the whole country dies a slow painful death. It is used to make concrete to build homes, it is in any water based paint in your home or businesses where you work and shop or travel.

The only people who need to have bottled water is in cities or communties where the water they are getting is not cleaned by a civil engineering firm. My Cousin Brian is a civil engineer in the philippines and his job is to test and clean the water in his city. It is a basic necessity and most of us are already paying a water bill. Why would you add an extra bill for bottles that do not decompose in the ground and it is just full of water that often comes from the local tap water you get just like at home, maybe they filter it to give it a different taste. If you want it to taste different then when you put it in your cup, or reusable bottle at your house put a slice of lemon, or cucumber, or a piece of frozen fruit, or a drop of cinammon or vanilla in your water and take it with you around the house and when you leave your home. Its not a difficult thing to do.

I hope you will buy yourself a nice mug that is reusable for water, or whatever liquid you like to drink. I mostly drink water all day, every day with ice cause I live in socal and its warm here most of the time. But if you live in a cold weather climate you might like a bottle of warm water if it keeps your body warm on a cold day. Cheers and stay hydrated, and save a few dollars, and take care of the soil our farmers need as much good soil as possible these days. All the plastic in the ground hasn’t been good for farmers or the ocean for that matter.


Some new, some old, mix it up and and never get bored :)

I am glad the new year has started. It’s 2013, and the world did not end, as some predicted. If I remember correctly the world was supposed to have a big deal happen at y2k as well. I think its just time to stop trying to tell God when the world will end, and just start living for today. People cannot tell God when the world should or will end. Predicting the future is silly and usually disappointing. Enjoy the moment, be present and fully aware of what you are doing now and who you are with. Appreciate the people you love and the people who love you at this time. During the election everyone picks sides and argues and such, but life goes on even if some of the people or policies you wanted win or lose during the election. Today is the first day of the new year. So its time to try at least one new thing. I am sad when I run into people during the day who say its always the same old thing. Well then go try something new. You don’t have to make any resolutions that will be extremely hard to accomplish. Just go outside and go to a new place, read a new book. If you are bored, go do something different even if it is just to eat something different for breakfast. You might be surprised who or what you will find when you go to get that different breakfast. Slow and steady progress, with some pleasant surprises that put a smile on your face or remind you of the potential for something wonderful is all I can offer to you with this simple suggestion for 2013. If you have no idea what to try here is my suggestion: go to your nearest church for 5 minutes each day for the next week. Then go about your day as your normally would. See if your life improves or gets worse. If it improves then keep doing it, if your life gets worse, then stay for 10 minutes the next day. 🙂