Some new, some old, mix it up and and never get bored :)

I am glad the new year has started. It’s 2013, and the world did not end, as some predicted. If I remember correctly the world was supposed to have a big deal happen at y2k as well. I think its just time to stop trying to tell God when the world will end, and just start living for today. People cannot tell God when the world should or will end. Predicting the future is silly and usually disappointing. Enjoy the moment, be present and fully aware of what you are doing now and who you are with. Appreciate the people you love and the people who love you at this time. During the election everyone picks sides and argues and such, but life goes on even if some of the people or policies you wanted win or lose during the election. Today is the first day of the new year. So its time to try at least one new thing. I am sad when I run into people during the day who say its always the same old thing. Well then go try something new. You don’t have to make any resolutions that will be extremely hard to accomplish. Just go outside and go to a new place, read a new book. If you are bored, go do something different even if it is just to eat something different for breakfast. You might be surprised who or what you will find when you go to get that different breakfast. Slow and steady progress, with some pleasant surprises that put a smile on your face or remind you of the potential for something wonderful is all I can offer to you with this simple suggestion for 2013. If you have no idea what to try here is my suggestion: go to your nearest church for 5 minutes each day for the next week. Then go about your day as your normally would. See if your life improves or gets worse. If it improves then keep doing it, if your life gets worse, then stay for 10 minutes the next day. 🙂


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