stay fit and strong over the years

keep your body strong and healthy

Often people ask me how old I am. And I am always playful about it. The main reason I have been able to protect my cells is by first studying NASM certifications as a trainer and PES specialist. And also loving to do intense workouts and team sports. But really the main thing is that I do not drink alcohol, I do not smoke, or drink soda, or drugs. I rarely drink caffeine. Energy has never been a problem for me, but I do tend to take in more sugar and carbs than other people as far as making sure to eat whole grains, fruits and veggies. But if you read Proverbs 31 there is a section about what men and women should look for in a man. 1) avoid large amounts of alcohol and be accountable for your actions, when we get drunk we give control to the alcohol or try to forget our troubles in drugs, alcohol, marijuana, or even worse items, including second hand smoke. My friend John Knight used to train with me at Red Dragon Karate, and he died very young like early 20s. I went to play at his house after karate class, and man within 30 seconds I noticed his house smelt like smoke everywhere, I was coughing and gagging almost immediately, but I stayed with him because he was my friend from the dojo. He made me a pair of beautiful jodos, that he charred with fire, and laminated for me. I still have them and they are great for double jodo, or kali and eskrima katas. I miss him because he came up through the dojo at the same time as me when we were not even in high school yet. He actually passed me from blue belt to green belt, because I stayed home after breaking a finger for a few weeks. I learned that if you dont show up that someone else will take your spot, because I had been in the dojo longer, but Shihan Amaya taught me a good lesson to never let an injury keep us from competing and being present. The next time I was hurt, I split my finger open and I just asked for a proper brace for my finger so I could still teach even though my doctor told me to take time off again. Alcohol, Tobaccco, Marijuana, Drugs, and really any item designed to help you forget your actions tend to kill brain cells and lower body functions like blood flow, skin quality, hair quality, and nails and growth. Once you stop learning or growing, then you start dying. And if you purposely burn off your cells than your body starts getting weaker faster. I drank when I was 17 years old, and stopped because after a party: I was in a holding cell and my family came to get me after like 4 hours in the sheriff office. That was the last time I ever drank just to be part of the group or in the cool crowd. Now I prefer to do things the way I always did before that, and I do my best to remember all my actions the good ones and the bad ones, and to especially learn from my poor choices, and share both victories and lessons learned with the people in my life.


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