August 2014 if you move more, you get to eat more…if you move less you have to lower intake…so move more :)

so yeah that is me at like 16 or 17 years old in the middle…but I was at the doctors office like on wednesday and I was at like 156 lbs..and like 3 months prior I was around 168 or 170…its amazing what happens you just get going to play again does for the body….also my friend jeff has given me some new tips to add to my training and nutrition methods especially nutrition. I had been cutting almost all my saturated fats from my intake, and this was a mistake. Now I almost always look to have some kind of fat, carbs, and protein in every item I put in my mouth. If its not in the label than I make sure to eat at least one more item so I have some with my meal. I do avoid trans fat, but everything else I eat. I am an omnivore. I still drink a ton of water all day long too. To me my body water percentage is just as important as my bone mass, and body fat percentage, and muscle mass when I use my scale at home. I always want it over 50%.

And if I can fit in my dress pants without a belt, then I am ok. I have been playing a ton of basketball to get ready for the nike 3 on 3 tourney but sadly none of my friends got back to me on it, so I may go there as a volunteer, but I guess I wont be playing this year…in any case, dropping all that extra weight makes me happy..and faster, and my hook shot is looking good these days with both hands…I am getting pretty good at with my left hand too
eating butter, and chocolate, and fruits covered in chocolate, as well as adding coconut oil, or sesame oil and sunflower seeds, and olive oil and vinegar has helped me a ton, i have always loved avocado too, as well as cheese, especially raw cheese and raw foods, and yogurts or ice cream that has probiotics or are fermented to have live cultures, even some teas have this property as well…and raw protein at least for beef, bison, and lamb, and fish just prepped with salt and pepper and whatever other herbs and spices you prefer…cant do it with poultry or pork for safety reasons

ceviches or sashimi for the fish is great..some lemon and salt, or soy sauce and miso…I almost never eat soy unless it is in soy sauce or miso soup…raw soy in and of itself is not so great…unless it is prepared like it is in asia…they rarely eat soy raw..only americans do that and it doesnt react well with the body…like eating raw corn…just a waste of time…we need to prepare it to get the benefits of the food, that is why susan fallon’s book is so helpful

in korea they put the soy with other sauces and salts and seasonings or the fermented kimchi

i suppose if you put it in adobo sauce or in guacamole and salsa it could be eating in a more healthy way and it would absorb the flavors of latina or pilipina cooking styles, but in general i prefer real animal protein over soy…but in small portions its fine

and stop eating gluten free stuff unless your allergic and 95 percent of you are not allergic, you process wheat just fine…its like the anti all protein diet from atkins a few years no veggies and fruits, and then no wheat…when you dont eat any grains, veggies or fruits you end up with no energy…carbs are just the energy you get from veggies, fruits, and grains…preferably not the refined grains (which means they strip the grains of vitamins to enrich them with lesser vitamins) why they do this I have no idea…but its probably for money many food makers are only in it to make profit over people who are uneducated on how to protect their family from poor food…creating obesity and a need for drugs that they probably make too, or supplements that fight a lack of nutrition from better prepared foods

but then again some people have specific allergies so whatever floats your boat..but if your boat is not floating seek help from someone who can help teach you how to build a strong boat that floats..enjoy the ride even when its bumpy…seek a coach for movement and playtime, and someone certified for nutrition…but again if your coach, trainer, or nutrition person is grouchy all the time..maybe seek a better one that is joyful and happy 🙂


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