The NFL: 2014 disappointed by the concussion business ?

I do not see new equipment on players at the ncaa or nfl level. The helmets look the same. And all this talk about 2 or 3 people spanking their kids, and then the whole world coming down on a parent that chooses to discipline a child even if its harsh. Well I know a whole lot of spoiled kids who never got disciplined, and most of them are now in prison, or have no relationship with their parents and family.

I would not hit a child repeatedly, but a parent must discipline children. Me personally I would give a child a bible verse and make them right it at least 100 times. Then sit down and ask them what the verse means to them, and if it helps them understand why their choice was right or wrong. Then most likely take away some of their privileges for the month, until they show they can be responsible again with the blessings that the family provides to each child in the family. But I am not opposed to making my children do pushups, jumping jacks, and wallsits, and run some stairs as well rather than hit them, I will just make them move until they cant do anything but sleep and write their bible verses: and be able to talk about what the verse means to them hopefully it is appropriate to the lesson they need to learn.

In peterson’s case, I believe they said his son hurt another child first before being punished. Even God punishes human beings, and we are all his children. He brought the flood to noah, he destroyed the pharaoh and slave holders, he punished the opponents of king David. He revealed the dishonesty of Pharisees who claim to be good with his son Jesus. Who am I to judge another parent for how they love and discipline their own family, I am not god, so I am not ever going to judge a parent that keeps their kids fed, educated, prayerful and protected at night to sleep in a safe home and alive through college and as long as the parents and children are alive.

And the ray rice case is a whole other issue.

To be honest Goodell and all NFL owners that approved marijuana usage for pain reduction should be the main topic of the 2014 season. I know for a fact that marijuana causes damage to brain cells, and paranoia. It helps us forget pain, because it causes us to lose the memory of what is damaging to the body. But the marijuana is not a medicine, it is very similar structurally to cotton and silk. From what I have read it can destroy 10,000 brain cells per puff of marijuana. And even second hand marijuana is going to damage the kids in a home where it is used by a player and parent as advised by the commissioner and team owners. And if you grew up in the slavery age before the 1960s civil rights movement than you already know that when you smoke cotton or silk that you die. Marijuana should be used to make ropes and clothes and sporting apparel. Maybe safer uniforms, and padding for the helmets to prevent concussions.

We already know that the NFL is still known for not providing medical insurance to older retirees and veterans. Now they want their current players to still be at risk for concussion memory loss, and now cancer from marijuana so if they do remember their injuries they will die early. Families will lose their husbands, sons, brothers and leave behind children, wives, and grandparents without the men who are putting their necks out their daily to put food on the table.

And the NFL Owners still insist on no guaranteed contracts for injuries. Meaning if you do get a career ending hit. They cut you from the roster and do not pay you, and replace you with the next man from the ncaa who was scouted already. They know they can tap anyone from division 1 through division 3 of the age over 3 years in college so at least 20 years old. That is why baseball, soccer, and basketball, softball, volleyball, and other sports are so much better to me. Especially MLB and the NBA for making sure that if an injury occurs that the players still gets paid if it happens during practice or games involving their sport.

The first NFL player to get brain cancer from owner recommended marijuana should be given 70 percent of all of that team owner’s revenue for every season played with this ridiculous recommendation to forget pain instead of resting and healing properly. If its such a good idea, why doesnt the commissioner and team owners smoke it with the players for the “safety of it”. I want to know the name of the medical advisor to the NFL that told them to go through with it. I am guessing he gets a cut of the marijuana business. Every store with a green cross in the city pumps out this stuff second hand all day to kids that are not in NFL families. They tend to be in the grimiest parts of every town, and the low income areas in the state. They dont put marijuana green cross stores in the gated communities. That should tell you a lot already.

I would questions the leadership of the NFL for recommending marijuana instead of ice, or rest, or nutrition and time off to heal. Rather than have them smoke a drug that is legal in some states that is meant for dying cancer patients. If your not dying already then why would you take a item made to help the dying feel less pain.

Pain is temporary…pain forces us to grow, to rest and heal, and learn our lessons….paranoia caused by unregulated marijuana that causes violence (not sure if ray rice was on nfl recommended marijuana) but as a running back I am sure ray rice got hit in the head plenty of times as a in between the tackles runner.

You could not pay me to put my child into a sport that is so cruel to its own teammates

disciple a child…or discipline a league for valuing its dollars on television more than the families of the men giving everything every day in practice and on the field between the lines. I love the game in that I loved playing flag football. We play coed in our ministry at couples for christ international, and I love to run the flea flicker and toss a hail mary deep to the quarterback or wr sprinting downfield away from the sweep play. And I still play flag football with friends, but the 3) issues I have of marijuana being used to kill the players brain cells, concussions that cause long term memory loss (dementia), and lack of guaranteed contracts is tantamount to using the players as tools rather than treating them as part of the family.

Why else would the players union go on strike as many times as they have just to get medical care for people like jim mcmahon who cant remember hardly anything anymore and he was one of the best quarterback to ever play, as a BEAR he probably knew every playbook league wide back and forth to prepare for their superbowl shuffle in Chicago with Ditka, Singletary, Payton and the Fridge

And any league that takes out emotion and dancing is not a league I would want to play in…they want robots…well then let them play the game with robots…than it could destroy everything on the field and they would be happy: mass destruction is what happens when you tell grown men to stop dancing for doing their job/service to the best of their ability. And I mean that in every sense of the Catholic Mass destruction of families if this continues past September 2014. I understand non taunting…but I would never know ickey woods for breaking records but he and the jamal from atlanta doing the dirty bird dance, or deion with his primetime dance, and even ray lewis with his entrance dance, if we cant dance then why play? I thought spiking the ball on the cowboy star was funny? He wasnt taunting a player, he was just stating a fact that his team is winning? If you want them to stop dancing then change the scoreboard. Why is lambeau leap fun, but terrell owens not fun. I find T.O. way more fun to watch then generic lambeau leaps. Too many dance judges, let people play and let them dance. The league was more fun when people did touchdown dances, sack dances, and high stepped in for interceptions run back to the end zone. Kids used to practice their touchdown dances, why take that away if I win the Rose Bowl I am gonna dance like its the best day of my life ponders a 5 year old girl, and her brother that is 7 years old tossing around a nerf football that glows in the dark in 2014.


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