baseball headed to the playoffs, and the nba isnt far away either

My favorite sports happen on a diamond of grass and dirt, or on the hardcourts made of asphalt or wood. So these are autumn season sports (september to october is a great time for me) because in 2014 my angels are making a run at the world series. It has been a long time since 2002. I wish the staff stayed together longer. When coach black, coach maddon, and coach scioscia were together the angels had some of the best minds in the the game in the same clubhouse. Now all three are head coaches. I love that they brought in Don Baylor, and Discarcina to help coach this year. Gary was a great shortstop and probably a great asset to the defensive positioning of the squad. And Baylor’s has always been a team leader and his approach to having hitters aim for the gaps to turn singles into doubles and triples is ideal for speedy hitters on the angels. My thing as a hitter is to just hit the ball where nobody is standing, or where nobody can reach it. Then I step in the box, and watch the pitch release from the the pitchers hand and swing. I normally do let the top hand release the way charlie lau taught for more power. But if I bunt or just need to slap a ball to the opposite field, I will keep two hands on the bat for more control similar to Ichiro in his book on the art of baseball. I also remember to think of UTM when practicing, to hit it up the middle to see how consisiten the swing is when working off a tee. But in a live game we dont always have the option of someone throwing it exactly where we want it as a hitter. I actually love that the angels bunt. I also love that they use those sacrifice bunts, sacrifice hits, and sacrifice fly balls to score a runner or move someone over. The oakland a’s and others have been promoting this lack of bunting and baserunning for years now, and although it has been decent in the regular season, it still hasnt turned into a championship for them. It is good for teaching patience at the plate. But to win in my eyes you have to take some risks and have your team do, what other teams are not willing to do. We must risk losing to really have an opportunity to beat a skilled and competitive team across from us on the diamond. Coach Glasco from the Florida Pride showed me over and over during August 14-16 that teams close in talent need to run and bunt, or run and hit, or slap one over an infielder, or go for the extra base to get the one or two runs that win a game rather than waiting to go station to station. For me the hit and run is only for coaches who lack faith in their runners and their hitters. Earl Weaver always taught the run and hit. The baserunners take off to steal, and the hitter has the green light to swing or take the pitch. If the ball is hit the runner will get to third or maybe even home. If the hitter misses or takes than the runner can still get to second. If the ball is hit to a fielder than both will be out, but if the runner goes half way it is even more likely that the runner will be stuck in the middle and tagged out. So for me either run and hit, or run and bunt. Don’t waste time trying to do a half-baked hit and run.


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