The NBA hack a shaq hurts the game: a simple solution for 2016 and beyond

fouls were created to regulate play for basketball so after 6 fouls in a nba game you are removed from the court, because you are basically a danger to others by the way you play the game. Everyone knows that being able to shoot free throws is important and players that cannot shoot them should be penalized. But the fans of basketball also do not want to watch a free throw shooting contest. The NBA was never meant to turn into a pop-a-shot contest every posession of the game. So since 6 fouls gets an ejection for an individual then the same should go for intentional fouls.

Keep the rules as they are but if a player say a poor free throw shooter like shaquille or deandre gets intentionally fouled 5 times. Each time it would increase the team fouls and potentially lead to free throws. So at worst that would be 10 free throws for their team. And if they miss them all that could be a +15 point advantage if they hit a three pointer every time they miss both free throws for those first 5 intentional fouls.


On the Sixth intentional foul of a particular player and every intentional foul on a single player beyond six can be two free throws and the ball.

(Intentional fouls being described as any foul on a player that is not shooting, or passing or touching the basketball when they are grabbed, hit, or held to stop the flow of play like the well known hack-a-shaq tactics used by teams that play against poor free throw shooting opponents.) And with modern statistics and computers this is an easy statistic for referees to track in NBA arenas.


This would discourage and normally end the practice for the rest of the game in my opinion. And then the game can carry on without endless free throw shooting and destroying the showtime and hard nosed competition that most basketball players, coaches and fans love to play and watch during the playoffs and in the NBA and the Olympics. It is similar to intentional walks or hit batters in baseball, so it is allowed up to a point so that players will be encouraged to learn how to hit free throws, but also discouraged so that it doesnt slow the game down to a crawl every night.


a great night of hoops at staples center, and dull farewell to boxing in vegas May 2nd, 2015

The spurs and clippers were phenomenal over 7 games in 2015. The defending champion spurs pushed the clippers to the last second of game 7. Their leader, chris paul, limping around on one leg and an injured hamstring that took away the speed and defense that are normally his trademark in crunch time. Duncan was still dominant, Manu still working the referees for calls, and parker slowing down so kawhi leonard could emerge as the new Spur going jingle jangle jingle. But the clippers took 2 games in San Antonio on the road and finished the Spurs despite their hack-a-deandre tactics. Big Baby was able to defend the post and get some big rebounds when jordan would leave the floor. CP3 hits the nail in the coffin to put the clips up with 1 second left on the clock in the fourth quarter. And Leonard comes up short even though Paul had to sit on the bench to watch his team defend home court for one of those time stopping seconds of hardwood drama. Staples Center was the place to be on May 2nd, 2015.

Meanwhile all the older wealthy and famous people seemed to be watching an exhibition of great marketing and dull point sparring in a squared circle in vegas. Both fighters made a ton of money. HBO and Showtime cashed in from the pay per view, as well as sports bars, and casinos and bookies, and tickets that were in the tens of thousands for the nosebleeds at the arena in the desert. To watch what was supposed to be the event of the decade: but instead we watched one man known for money and beating the women in his life and another with a big smile on his face dance around a ring and not really engage each other in anything that people would remember or be amazed at. Mayweather is great at scoring points with leather pads. And Pacquiao seemed content to put on a show, but not really do anything that resembled a fight. Their competition in the octagon makes a big deal about athletes that finish fights: and I guarantee that every time I  have watched the competitors are exhausted at the end of the matches. Or have limbs twisted into potential permanent injury or loss of consciousness or ability to breath for a moment.

As a Pilipino American, I loved to root for Pacquiao because when I saw him fight in other matches he was always willing to mix it up, even if it ended up with him losing. but today I saw two athletes hype up a big event, make a tone of money and disappoint the audience since they both looked about the same as they did before they started 36 minutes of ring time that really was uneventful. Nobody was cut, bruised, or even breathing hard at the end of the fight. I thought Manny might go for broke at the end and try to knock him out, but instead it seemed he was just waiting for the clock to run out so they could cut the checks and go home. Goodbye super fight, hello round 2 of the nba finals and welcome to the new rookies for the nfl especially interested to see if Mariotta and Winston will develop or if one of them will become a ryan leaf burnout, or a super bowl champion. Or if a late round quarterback like Petty, Grayson, or Hundley who are embarassed end up doing state farm double checks and super bowl shuffles at the end of the draft like the scrawny kid that is married to Giselle in New England these days. Not much of a horse racing fan, but the kentucky derby ran today as well.

And my friends in ministry spent the afternoon at Saint Marthas’s in La Puente talking about God’s Love, and the Prodigal Son at our christian life program. We had a one woman and one man show up today for SFC: even with all the events going on in Sports on May Second of 2015. Let us hope that all the prayers and service that this man and woman do for the Lord today in the quiet and outside of the billionaires on television and in sporting events will be just as fruitful in revealing the love of Jesus in every person and family they meet in the future. All in all an excellent Saturday in May, and I had steak for breakfast today thanks to the extra portion saved from our brother household dinner with my friends Erik and Gio in Ontario on Friday Night.

Also picked up a nice headset from skullcandy for like 40 dollars called a slayr that is very comfortable for playing games quietly at night so everyone else can sleep at gamestop as well on friday afternoon. And tomorrow at 4pm in Fullerton, our SFC East team will be gearing up for the last game of our regular season before we start the playoffs for our annual basketball tourney. If we win I think we can be seeded third, if we lose we might be in a four way tie and possible at the bottom of the bracket for the upcoming singles for christ basketball tourney.