your only a loser, if you lose lesson……holy textbooks have many lessons for athletic children and adults

rape, war, murder, soddam and gomorrah, perversion, slavemasters, idolatry contemporay humans believing they are gods on earth, military chaotics who threaten violence, human traffickking and abuse of children, polygamy and cults all these stories are feast and famine…we are not reading the bible to say this is what humans should do everyday.We are supposed to listen to the story in the Roman Catholic Bible, the Torah, the Koran and ponder I must learn from history and say is that a lesson or a warning? If I tell you I would kill a man, would say oh ok the catholic bible and Torah, and Koran has stories of rapists who became useful people again after heartbreaking reconcilation and stern warnings of their soul being lost to hell’s fire’s forver…then its ok to murder….wrong…For me I hear I would never want to do anything to a child that would make me face the fires of hell itself to know it is wrong to be a rapists. The only good part of that rapist or murder story is that god can give someone a second chance and pardon a criminal to at least reform their life if their is potential in your heart for GOD to examine your conscience you just might be used like SAUL the murderer of Christians who was blinded forever until he finally realized he was persecuting others and himself forever by beliieving he could decide his faith and power allowed him to throw stones at another neighbors houses. finally God have him one opportunity to be a human being and he went to share his redemption to the corinthians…and his legacy carried on redemption for souls to be with God in Heaven…thank you Saint Paul muchos gracias, ….. I have always loved Saint Paul’s conversion from Saul to Saint Paul


I will never take your breath away

God gives all men and women’s god’s breath

And mama mary’s champion jesus christ the lord always shares

the gifts given by the holy spirit to men and women absolutely;

called brothers and sisters in the family of God in Heaven and on Earth.

Share your Breath God-Given two by two with every neighbor

God puts in front of both of you. This is the holiest order

for every man, woman and child: that chooses heaven at this moment, daily and

forever because Mama Mary’s Champion Jesus Christ the Lord.


I looked into the eyes of this man who was a bit different than me a few years ago who was not really sure if he was eating the right foods, and people kept asking this man what have you been eating lately? For he just seemed different…

He grinned, and scratched his head and said the Eucharist, in liquid form and solid form as often as possible. Its the best food on earth. And its the only food that matters.

And if you feel sick or down, consume the eucharist at a catholic mass once per day monday to friday, saturday and sunday. Or as often as you are able to be blessed to walk into mass and welcomed to partake of the eucharist in liquid or solid form during daily mass.

And afterwards let me know how you feel and how life is blessing you…

I am that man and my name is Ronald J.F. Panlilio, I still do that today. And when I look into my neighbors eyes and see my eyes today I remember what the Eucharist has done for me when I go to mass as many days per week as my schedule allows at that moment in my life.

a diamond, dirt and grass

I believe men and women would love to watch and play in a coed profastpitch softball tournament today and into the future.

You thought I would was going to do an outdoor wedding, well when you gather thousands of families in one place called a ball park and you bring two 24 players teams to this diamond called the yard. And both teams have 12 women and 12 men on the team you have 2 powerhouse teams that can put on a game to remember.

Lets chalk up the lines, pass out the popcorn, bbq the peanuts and frankfurters…

and play ball, you thought mlb was the show…you have never seen this ever on planet earth yet and it is July 2015, I have already sent this dream to commissioner kempf at the npf, and I pray that her staff helps this tournament be in a city near you soon and very soon

teamsports prepare your for family style service

when two teams serve together or two teams compete together to see who is most effective  you must know each member of your team and their tendencies and what they do consistently well, and that each person needs to practice more

on a basketball court your not playing one on one, your not playing 5 on 5, your definitely not playing 1 on 5, you are playing 5 at a time but you are playing at all times 5 of your team/family against 12 of their family, and you always have 7 teammates and family members behind you to come in with their unique gifts and skills to help your team serve and compete to the best of their ability safely, patiently, and tirelessly.

luck is when preparation meets opportunity

lose as a team, win as a team

recognize each contribution from  teammates when we win, and verbally recognize how I can improve when we lose a game or competition as a team.

pray before and after the game for sportsmanship, preventing tragic injuries, and you will be amazed at the elegant show you all put on the floor together as two teams/two families showing all the labour and preparation on the practice court that was put in months and years ahead of that moment of compeition in service to the family, and neighbors who come to watch and cheer for and boo against you…its part of the deal when its a competitive event, if its two family teams serving together competitively then all will be cheering for success and let the day play out truthfully as God intended. Victory and Defeat are a only memorable lesson and good stories when both teams come fully prepared.

Your only a  loser, if you lose the lessons 🙂

Champions always remembers their lessons, and hone their teammates on the practice court long before the Championship 7 game tournament starts. They play, eat and pray together and even if their not best friends they respect each other’s and know how they meld together as a family unit.

God loves you

Effective post play for Ballers without a 36″ to 40″ inch vertical leap :)

On defense be willing to take contact and draw charges for ball control possessions when referees are there to call fouls.

Also have a strong base in your legs and watch the bellybutton of the player your defending at all times. If you stay in front of his or her bellybutton, well no matter the pumpfake or ball fake they cannot move anywhere without their hips. If you watch the ball or their eyes or their legs you can easily be in the wrong position.

Talk to your teammates and let them know where you are guiding your opponent into the baseline, towards a shotblocker, or towards a teammate who can steal the ball from them on a double. Speak verbally to each other with a loud voice: pushing my left, pushing my right, pushing towards you. Or use hand signals to tell teammates behind you what your going to do when they bring the ball to your spot on the court. Towards the shotblockers in the paint, towards the baseline, towards the sideline, towards a double or triple team, or to a angle and place where they cannot pass to a shooter who is hot at that moment of the game.

On offense in the post you need 4 moves.

1) One if your standing still looking at the basket: watch film of duncan’s bankshot off the glass. In general aim for the corner of the white/orange box on the backboard and you will get good bounces towards the rim

2) you need to be able to back in slowly and go to your left or right and you will find most success with a hook shot over your shoulder to the left or the right,

3) a scoop shot/finger roll under their arms or between two defenders coming from a low ball position to evade being blocked.

3) or back in slowly and have a fade away jumper away from your defender

all of these can be done after catching the ball in the post, without dribbling or with maybe one two dribbles and a ball jab to see if your defender is guarding your left or right side.

In your mind and practice time know and believe in patience and mobility instead of relying on overpowering your defender and the 12 players your team is playing against that day. On offense you can move forward past your defender, backward away from your defender and to the left or right of your defender, you can catch and not move or shoot without moving your feet. And you can pass to a teammate. You must always be able to catch, pass, shoot, and dribble(move left, right, backwards, forwards) generally you will use angles forward and angles backward to avoid running over your defender and giving them a ball control possession turnover.

and none of these require high vertical leaping abilities, but if you have that gift than throw it down in their face and go to the free throw line when you get hit and dunk.–

For Fitness Clients with Sore Muscles or Stress in need of massage on a Budget :)

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