For Fitness Clients with Sore Muscles or Stress in need of massage on a Budget :)

Visit this link above, if you need a massage after workouts or after stressful moments. I have many older friends who are starting to have pain in their sciatic nerves in the legs and lower back. I personally carry stress in my jaw and need to stretch and massage my neck and jaw muscles. Anything with repetitive use, overworked muscles…or just tension and limited mobility in the body caused by our work and bad posture most likely :)… Or an aggravating coworker or customer at our workplace, possibly a friend or family member who how shall we say makes you grumpy inside. In any case the kit also comes with an instructional video and is very budget friendly at 39 dollars. Less than the price of one session with a therapist. And now you can do a massage at home at your convenience. Also I know some people do not like going to spas all the time when fees can be anywhere from 30 to 100+ dollars per hour depending on the quality of the facility you go to for massage therapy.


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