teamsports prepare your for family style service

when two teams serve together or two teams compete together to see who is most effective  you must know each member of your team and their tendencies and what they do consistently well, and that each person needs to practice more

on a basketball court your not playing one on one, your not playing 5 on 5, your definitely not playing 1 on 5, you are playing 5 at a time but you are playing at all times 5 of your team/family against 12 of their family, and you always have 7 teammates and family members behind you to come in with their unique gifts and skills to help your team serve and compete to the best of their ability safely, patiently, and tirelessly.

luck is when preparation meets opportunity

lose as a team, win as a team

recognize each contribution from  teammates when we win, and verbally recognize how I can improve when we lose a game or competition as a team.

pray before and after the game for sportsmanship, preventing tragic injuries, and you will be amazed at the elegant show you all put on the floor together as two teams/two families showing all the labour and preparation on the practice court that was put in months and years ahead of that moment of compeition in service to the family, and neighbors who come to watch and cheer for and boo against you…its part of the deal when its a competitive event, if its two family teams serving together competitively then all will be cheering for success and let the day play out truthfully as God intended. Victory and Defeat are a only memorable lesson and good stories when both teams come fully prepared.

Your only a  loser, if you lose the lessons 🙂

Champions always remembers their lessons, and hone their teammates on the practice court long before the Championship 7 game tournament starts. They play, eat and pray together and even if their not best friends they respect each other’s and know how they meld together as a family unit.

God loves you


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