Men and Women: Beloved Children of God

The best thing a man can do for an awesome woman is to ask her a question, then look her in the eyes and listen. The best thing a woman can do is find a man who listens to her when she speaks, then ask him a question once and awhile. Women only follow a man if you are inspired by the way he courts the holy spirit for his own soul daily. Men and Women if you are single both of you need to pray for the holy ghost to be with you at all times. Yahweh, Que Viva Cristo Rey, Mama Mary, Envia tu Espiritu and let the world know that we are the family of god. All men and women belong to Mama Mary and all men are brothers to all sisters of Cristo Rey, and all sisters are sisters to all brothers of Jesus Christ. If you were born before the nativity and still live on earth then you would be really old and related to adam and eve and be their offspring because you lived before nativity and easter. Now in 2015 we belong to the incarnacion and immaculate concepcion or Jesus Christ, with Yahweh the father of all in heaven and his appointed guardian Saint Joseph. Joseph helped to protect Mama Mary while she nursed Jesus as an infant in need of protection as all babies need to be held and fed and nurtured by parents: a man and a woman. Joseph adopted Jesus as his own and took on the role of matrimonious husband for Mary through her pregancy and for the rest of thier lives on earth after nativity. After Jesus was born Mama Mary and Joseph were likely given permission to have song of songs together as husband and wife with the blessing of Yahweh, but Pope Francis would be able to confirm this to be the way, the truth, and the life. Especially after Calvary and Easter and for those 33 years together till death do they part, I am sure both needed a song of songs as all husbands and wives know this to be true. Amen, I believe Yahweh has given me these words to share today with all who are man and woman on earth. We are not just male and female like the porpoise, the penguin, or the octopus. The animals are good, we are their caretakers. Man and Woman are very good. All of us are sent to earth and called to be saints, sadly many of us do not answer this call. Many do answer it and are not recognized by the church while they live, but we who are intimate with them know this to be reality. I offer my grandparents as saints in my lifetime, and my fifth grade teach Mr Robert Lamborghini who became a sheriff and found me after I was drunk and wandering in the street at 17 years of age because I made the mistake of accepting a cup of alcohol that I did not pour at a party in high school. He gave me a dove bar while I was searching for my friend Peter Grant’s house in Glendora. Peter was a classmate from Saint Damien High School. I trusted the cup because Pedro Lopez gave it to me, but my mind and body were not ready for alcohol at 17 years of age. Pedro and Brad Brudacao, and Anthony Leingang used to call me 8-ball and Ron John in high school and all 4 of us went to ucla. Tony Leingang passed away in a car accident because an animal got in the way of the car on a long trip. And I will share more of their stories later.