Once, twice, three strikes your out

I am assembling a team of servant hearted people to protect all nations from legalized murder called abortion. All people created with a eucharistic ally woven umbilical cord meaning all men and women up to their first moment of love between husband and wife. We as Americans have allowed this murder business to grow since 1973 with roe v Wade. Conjunction junction what is your function?  Serving up bills and laws for our trust in God. I seek servant hearted men and women to help us elect servant hearted leaders that care about all families. I am willing to serve from any position  as a Roman Catholic Citizen born in California to make this Earth safe by the Holy orders given to me by Mama Mary’s champion Jesus Christ the Lord. It is August 2015 and I Want a Roman Catholic President to step up, or I will run for president pass one law then step down from office.  I suggest Rick Santorum,  Reggie Miller of Ucla, Perry and Candy Rivera of couples for Christ, Jeff and Karla Jordan’s theology of the body and Harrison Ford’s Carpenter spirit of “we’ve only just begun to live.” be tasked with this duty and I will help serve in any capacity to prayerfully protect them with music,  art,  and film,  and competitive sports. If we fail again in this third presidential election I will take my citizenship to a land that protects children from murder.


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