My Presidential Platform

I would run for president with one key platform; everything else is secondary. Every child with a genetically human umbilical cord as man or woman will never be surgically murdered through any murderous pills,  vials of water,  eaten,  cannibalize and sold for organs later. All of these practices will be grounds for life imprisonment.  Going back to the 12 months prior to my election as president of America or president of the United nations. I AM a Roman Catholic artist: my name is Sensei Ronald J.F. Panlilio and this blog is part of my dojo.



  1. Every credit union debit card should put trust in God on the front of the plastic that represents money. America the Beautiful is a better national anthems. I belong to the Roman Catholic independent Hospital Party called Earth. Please send love offerings to through PayPal if you want me to run for office in service to God and all neighbors. ALL Neighbors are Catholic to me, we are all servant hearted people by the immaculate orders of Mama Mary’s champion Jesus Christ the Lord (OMMC)

  2. I promise to sing one song live to you if you give a love offering of 2 dollars and 50 pennies. If you give 15 dollars and 2 quarters I promise to sing 6 to 12 songs to you live at any church gathering place or public venue near you. FIAT

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