My favorite bruins

Dee Dee Weiman Kingsbury now married, Amanda Freed Katchka, Andrea Duran, Natasha Watley, Stacy Neuvmann, Taria Mims now married, Jackie Joyner Kersee, Brett Hundley, Kevin Wong, coach AL Scates,  Ed O Bannon,  Tyus Edney,  Cameron Dollar, Toby Bailey,  Zidek,  Charles O’Bannon, J.R. Henderson, Rick neuheisel,  Bill Walton, Abdul Jabbar both Kareem( Lew Alcindor) and karim, (shaman shah). and jj stokes, sue skendarian, natalie williams, richelle depold, Lisa Fernandez, professor Mehdi borzorgmehr,  the latino studies hunger strikers, the undergraduates who agreed to pay 5 dollars per quarter for the community retention center while we were undergraduates, for the creation of Tagalog Classes while we were undergrads with professor tania azores, professor peng,  spear project, crc community retention center,  nellie and john wooden  Reggie Miller,  Samahang, Mark Pulido, Aris Tagle, Fernando Argosino, Jen Bartels, Lakan de Leon, Alduin Dauis, Wendell Pascual, Leila Espinosa now married, Cindy Evangelista Lakan’s wife, Randall Park, Jane Park Smith, Tammy Chen Panlilio, Charlie Chen, mcpeak, karch kiralya, Mark Sullano, Natasha Watley, Taria Mims, Cynthia Avila, Jaleela, Danesha, the football team from 1991 to 1996 because we beat USC every year for 5 years, any Nalawang Kaymanan and the Banog Dancers Hawk Hunters, for the Hidden Treasure of Pilipino Culture Night, Pili is Fine in English, and Pino is People in English: All people on earth are pilipino to me, Anyone who is a climber of the Drake Stadium Steps and love to stomp the ground of bruin walk hill every day before and after starting the day of studies from Rieber Hall, or Hitch and Saxon Suites on foot, bicycle, or skateboard, and Jacki-Joyner Kersee the finest woman and pilipina I have ever seen at the Olympics ever since time began, and my brother a walking MBA currently Thomas F. Panlilio the best and safest provider of Transportation for Scion and Toyota since he was still an Undergraduate in his senior year hired while interning before he graduate as a UCIrvine Anteater. He has been serving in Torrance and Westwood for like a decade all ready with my Sister by Marriage Tammy and Thomas are so Beautiful to me.



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