What I learned from mia and bong macatula yesterday

They are leaders at couples for christ and came to speak at st mary’s in fullerton. They emphasized that love does not sustain the marriage. The marriage promise sustains the love. The love that started in the initial courtship is exciting, but over time life can be bumpy and rocky. I like to think of it as an adventure or a roller coaster you have never tried yet. At Saintspeed and Godtempo it allows us to live in our vocation as saints on earth, but also forcing us to deal within the reality of the challenges presented to us by God the father. The disasters on earth are normally god’s way of challenging people to see how much they really love their neighbor. It is an opportunity to step up especially for men.

We are called to compete with each other, and for each other. Men are called to compete with each other for all the children and women that are over 18 years of age. Women are called to compete with each other for all the children and boys and girls under 18. Competition is made to drive us to be better as holy ordered blessedly single ministers, blessedly holy ordered husbands and wives, blessedly ordered priests and nuns, blessedly holy ordered popes (fathers of fathers), and sister (mothers of mothers). We drive each other to be saints living and breathing on earth like mother teresa of calcutta. Her order started in venezuela. She is one of my favorite saints. Some of you have grandparents, aunts, and uncles, or cousins who are saints on earth that are just not recognized out loud by the world. But the world seeks to always keep state and church separate. The world wants us to talk about everything that does not matter. They encourage to avoid faith and politics when we speak. Our beliefs on governance and religion guide our most important choices, so of course the evil ones want us to not talk about this with each other. How we get to heaven, how we invite others to heaven that is what means the most to god. Everyday how can I serve my Lord? How can I serve my neighbors? God asks me rise with the intention to daily be at a eucharistic mass at a roman catholic church. That is my recommendation for all men and women, but go to adoration and God may give you a different way to serve. For me because of the book of revelation written by apostle John, I know that the revelation is not the end of the world, but rather the moment heaven touches earth is at a holy eucharistic daily mass at any roman catholic church near you today. Masstimes.org has helped me find and prepare for any travel to have mass available to me.



  1. men compete with men for one woman at a time if they are called to be husbands

    women never compete for men to be wives, but they will be the ones called to choose among the best of the men who court them with her parents and guardians permission

  2. The Obsidian Madonna of Los Angeles, California and our Patron Saint Mother Teresa visit me often in Adoracion Chapels, and at Mass…..If you don’t want that child, give it to me and I will find it a home or give it my own name and my home to protect it is her battle cry, and Saint Dimas the good horse thief on Calvary, Saint Damien of Molokai willing to walk among the Lepers of this world, and Saint Joan of Arc the warrior princess and best woman dancer..we are not male or female like animals we are all Man or Woman…the world calls us animals as male and female as if we are porpoise or snail..Yahweh calls us Man or Woman…

  3. I have grown so much in theology of the body and family ministry, and perry and candy rivera, mia and bong macutula, and rose and dr alex galvan our couples leaders in the East Chapter have been a good influence on my personal growth since December 2005

  4. If your called to be a husband or wife, first explore being a priest or a nun, interview with 2 or 3 orders to be sure that you have explored all vocations before choosing matrimony over holy orders as a priest or hun, or holy single life

  5. as a man courting a woman, I expect that this miraculous woman has thousands or millions of men out of the 7 billion on the planet that I have to prepare to compete with. I love it and expect it, and if I win her heart, than having her as part of my body and my wife will be a tale to remember and cherish even during the tough spots in the future. If winning a woman is easy than most likely neither of you will value the relationship especially over time. And especially in the current age with dating sites everywhere, porn everywhere that allows men or women to have a 5 minute sex partner on the LAPDANCE computer of CELLphone.

    • Some of you claim 30 minutes of masturbation is exciting, well let me tell you that perseverance, and saving up your life organs and your prayer life for one person, or your first kiss on the lips with your bride for the altar of your wedding day…disregard what you did in the past…starting today do not kiss your engaged wife or courtship partner again until the day of the wedding it will be worth it…listen to moriah peter’s song “and we haven’t even kissed” its one of my favorite love ballads for her courtship from joel small bone of king and country.

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