Candy only for olympians

Candy,  soda,  syrup are high intensity sugar and only appropriate for Olympic or or women’s world Cup level  sports. The wnba athletes get jelly bellies.  The NBA gets root beer and soda. Normal athletes get fruits,  vegetables,  and wheat grains or you will be obese quickly



  1. A drop of wine is like a drop of blood from a wound. Do I need a cup of blood to call memorable an injury. I will drink a drop of alcohol in a cup of ice water to remember a day forever, anything more is to forget, or seek excuses and drunkenness for actions we decided long before while sober

  2. God loves me, he tells me when to write, when to sing, and serve in any capacity. When I listen it is beautiful, sometimes I insist on my way and it’s not pretty. I am a saint in progress, living and breathing. Make me a saint Yaweh, my father in Heaven, God, the Espiritu Sanctuary, dove, flame, holy ghost, Jesus Cristo, my brother, query viva Cristo Rey, long live the servant of servants Jesus Christ a brother to all: man and woman one Catholic apostolic hospital called Earth.

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