And we haven’t even kissed

It’s one of my favorite songs by Moriah Peters.  It is a promise to not kiss on the lips during courtship between man and woman until in front of the altar with all the closest family,  friends and priest to witness the first kiss between a husband and wife.



  1. It follows the theology of the body teachings of protecting your partner. No matter what you did in the past, in your next or current courtship make it a promise to not kiss again until your wedding day. The anticipation of the first pure kiss will be great for both the husband and the wife. I have kissed someone before and it did not lead to marriage, but I promised God I would not make that mistake again. Also if a courtship ends in no, because I love you the woman you courted will still be pure and ready for whoever is meant to be her vocation partner and husband in the future.

  2. women don’t ever have to choose a vocation partner. They get to be courted and have the power to accept the best possible vocation partner for their life. It could be the holy spirit every day, or a husband who has offered courtship to her family and his life as a her husband among all the men who court her. Or it could be to life a nun or mother of all mothers like mother angelicka of EWTN, or sister Rose Pacatte of Pauline Books. Women who pick men often find that their devotion to that man is not enough to carry them through the difficult parts of life and relationships and marriage. Let the men be men, I know that we are lacking in real sacrificial husbands lately, but part of it allowing men to persevere, I had to live a long time as a single man before I understood what it meant to be a man who offers service and prayerful protection of others instead of money, fame, or power as a partner for a woman. The world defines husband as money and power, God defines husband as protecting the family with prayer as the priest of the home, and willing to protect any neighbor at any time. Because if my loved ones are away from my ability to be there in body, I would expect them to give their life to protect mine, just as I would do for my neighbors.

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