I am here, because of this


I arrived and have a team of prayer warriors ready to bring a proliferation of LA Paz and Procreation by the immaculate orders of Mama Mary’s champion Jesus Christ the Lord.  I am one of the servant hearted members of this team.



  1. Margaret Sanger, the founder of planned murderhood parenthood, eugenics and a commitment to kiling children of the human race for money…she believes herself to be superior to God, and other people her idolatry deserves life in prison earth, and God’s choice of purgatory, hell, or heaven for her deeds. I assume she would get purgatory till infinity or hellacious hell itself for being the founder of planned murderhood parenthood abortion and baby organ selling business with stem express

  2. Everyone who has ever donated more than 1 million dollars to planned parenthood as a corporate sponsor has been part of the murder and farming of organs of more than 50 million babies with umbilical cords created by their parents and deserves life in prison if they have done it within the last 12 months since august 2014…since this has been going on since 1973 in america as a legal business…more should be punished but I suggest the most recent 12 months of donors to be punished the most severely as life in prison on earth, and purgatory forever after earth. if god gives you heaven, purgatory, or hell its up to god…yahweh is the only judge that matters

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