Andrea Duran is a stud

I was lucky enough to watch her a little at ucla, more during some olympic action, and up close for 4 games in kissimmie, florida last year on the usssa pride. She is a dynamic defender at the hot corner. She always turns up onto the ball of her right foot, if the hitter has the ability to bunt before the pitcher lets go of the ball. This enable her to sprint forward or move laterally and backwards rather than coming from a flat footed position. And last year she was voted mvp of profastpitch for her abilities on both sides of the field and in the clubhouse. She reminds me of the forceful saint joan of arc, and the grace of our lady of guadalupe, and saint anne since the first part of her name is “An”. She and I are on the same team at Arbonne, and one of their corporate centers is in irvine, california. I will be in irvine at the corporate center tomorrow.


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