1. Ice cream sundaes for everyone, even the people we dont like, but are still called to be respectul towards…ice cream for all the baseball teams not named Los Angeles Angels…better put some extra peanuts in those sundaes, cause we are gonnna win a championship in Anaheim this year. And your gonna need the protein.

  2. or a frank viola circle change, or a rise ball from catherine leigh osterman, a heater from dee dee weiman, or a cannon from right field to first base when someone is lollygagging to first base…or duran and shipman dancing out of a bases loaded jam to stay at a 1-0 score this year at the championships vs the bandits

  3. fudgtasticcccka beautiful brides and cookie monsters, and never-ending gloriousseccittys, and supercalfragalisticexpeliadocius…the chronicles of a vernacular much better than what the world uses that start with n, f, b, c,a, and the awesome sauce that we use when we speak is …dont let your words be grenades that drop shrapnel on neighbors…let them be food instead, because cussing only injures the bystanders…it never affects the one it is aimed at

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