Brothers and Sisters in Christ

We compete with each other, and for each other Because…..

it is meant to be that way

to push each other, to drive each other to be honed and pressured by the oceanmover Yahweh, and molded by the platinumsmith god the father each of us called to draw ourselves and our team closer to god and the holy ghost daily, closer to Yahweh and the Espiritu Sanctu daily, sa Dyos sa Dove daily….then anyone attracted to god or the holy ghost will find us, and be led to live as we live. heavenly and saintly as saints walking, living, breathing and serving on earth..or we do the opposite, and if we do the opposite everything we have been blessed with us will be taken away to purgatorial and hellacious places.

Aspire to live a saint life story, so you can live, and breath as a saint on earth like Abraham Lincolm, Dr Martin Luther King Jr, Mother Teresa, Saint Faustina of Krakow, Robert Kennedy, Margaret Thatcher, Saint John Paul the great formerly pope and Karyol of Poland…To me Confucious is a saint of a man, or at least a saintly man in his wisdom, to me Ghandi is a saint of a man, Cesar Chavez a saint of a man, or at least should be considered…But Mother Teresa is my favorite Saint to ever walk the planet because she did it while I am alive, and I love her style…I am her answered prayer walking on earth…I am her Miracle, and I am Ronald J.F. Panlilio  …”If you don’t want that child on the abortion table, GIVE it to ME I will FIND it a HOMe and a Famillia, or I will give it my own name, and my home to protect it for you.”


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