CELL phones

CELL watches AND C-E-L-L PHONES TAKE YOU AWAY TO A HELLACIOUS PLACE ISOLATED FROM PEOPLE IN YOUR SPACE, your kitchen, your supper table, your picnic, and your service area


Mobile Phones and Mobile Voicemachines

I check my mobile phone and mobile voice machine in the morning after breakfast dancing food, than I Check it again before I go to bed. Just in case something important needs my attention. Other than that I leave it in my backpack in the side pocket away from my genitalia and vital organs due to wifi radiation, I now leave my mobile voicewatchmachine in side a book cover with my bible so it will vibrate in case of something important. I always keep a paper bible with me on any journey. And an emergency kit from the NEAG family for food, water, and light and communication for multiple people and multiple days, and prayer since we have the bible too.

This current age of people that are mobile vs people that are now walking telephone booths as slow unattractive teapot kettles male and female. Supermen and Superwomen require a phone booth to protect two adults and 3 small children in case of a flood, or too change into their superhero clothes when their other servant hearted contributions are not as necessary as protecting 4 people in danger to get them to a phone booth during a flood. Now people carry the prison of a CELL phone as if they need it to have a life. Mostly it keeps them from interacting with the people at the table or in the room they are standing. It is a screen door that prevents them from meeting a man or woman, learning their name and sharing a moment together. It is a good tool, but a terrible crutch for young people and old people who have never truly lived yet.

parents don’t give chainsaws to children, don’t give a CELL phone to a child. Make them invest in the bill for a Mobile Phone. Its 45 to 80 per month, let them get a part time job to cover that tool. Then force them to give you their password to that mobile phone if their under 18, so they don’t turn it into a private pornography addiction machine, and to have the privilege of a part time job, a place to sleep, your prayerful protection, and food to eat. Teach them how to survive when batteries are not available, when wife satellites go down, when we sit down to eat, either eat or talk or listen and laugh or giggle, but be present at the table, if you want to be with someone on the CELL phone than peacefully leave my table until your ready to be with me.


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